In her article, ‘Leverage Social Media to Maximize Opportunities and Generate More Sales’ Sherri discusses ways to take advantage of social media in business and why it is so important:

“Not only is it an easy and cost-efficient way for you to market your services and offerings, but it allows you to engage with people in ways that can connect you to more business.”

Sherri lists 5 game-changing strategies to take your social media and ultimately, your business to the next level. Among these tips is one that many people don’t often think about: Encouraging people to leave reviews on your social media sites.

“More and more, people are starting to rely on reviews when making decisions. Most agents have 1-2 reviews on their Facebook Business Page. You should have 30-50. Don’t be hesitant to ask people for a 5-star review.”

You can read the full article here!

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