Appointments make real estate sales happen. Think of your average close rate right now. When you go on an appointment what chance do you have of turning it into a listing? 10%? 30%?

What would happen if you held more appointments? Two things.

First, you would get better at them. Your brain is a magical thing. It learns, always. It is doing things when you’re not paying attention to streamline situations and put tasks on “auto-pilot”. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you had to think about the mechanics of brushing your teeth or using your microwave?

Your brain will streamline your appointments and learn from you experiences making you more efficient and an even better real estate agent.

Secondly, you would get more listings. By the sheer fact of numbers and math, more appointments would statistically lead to more listings.

Doubling the amount of opportunities will create double the number of prospects, and when you close them all, will double your income.

But the reality is that it’s not as simple as just, “close more, lol.” Your plate is full. You’re not working part-time. You’re a rock star who is operating at a fast-paced level.

Know Your Goal

With every call, before you even dial, you need to know your goal with that specific call. Define it, clear and specific. Then write it down so you can look at it.

Each call may be different, but you need to know what your objective is.

If your objective is to set an appointment, you know where to steer the conversations.

If your objective is to get a better idea of what your client wants, you know where to steer the conversation.

Do not be Michael Scott

Improversations are not sound real estate advice.

Double Your Calls

Sound simple right? Just spend more time on the phone! Don’t have more time! Find a way to create more time in your day! I’m serious. Make more time. Let me explain.

We are natural talkers. It’s why we like being real estate agents. This is an absolute blessing. It is also a curse.

How many conversations have you had that took longer than they should? How many times has a quick 5-minute phone call turned into a 20-minute (or longer) conversation?

It’s okay, it’s not a BAD thing to build a solid relationship with people. In fact, it’s the opposite. But it’s our job as agents to differentiate between the time to build relationships and the time to build appointments.

The thing that most us don’t do is evaluate. When you get off the phone, what do you do? Do you ask yourself, “How did that call go?”

Do you review it the way a coach would?

This is not a sales pitch, by the way. This is me saying, “When you don’t have a real estate coach – you need to act as your own coach.”

This is also me saying, “When you do have a real estate coach – you need to be their co-coach.”

Look at your calls. Look at your performance on those calls. Ask yourself if there were areas you could improve on. Ask yourself if there is anything you can streamline to help get to the point a little more efficiently.

Remember, a phone call can always include the phrase, “We should get together to catch up. When can I stop by?”

And just like that…an appointment is made.

But if you find this difficult, then you may consider that you need to…

Use a Script – Use Multiple Scripts

I seldom advise doing a call on the fly unless you’re an absolute MASTER. Scripts save time, they mitigate loss, and they can be optimized. Sales scripts exist for a reason. They have been a staple for a reason. It’s because they work.

Get scripts. Use scripts. But then…take notes on your scripts. Remember, scripts can be optimized. Optimize them. Where are you losing people in the script? Are some scripts better than others? Why? What areas, points, or words are causing your customer base to engage?

If you have multiple scripts – use both but take notes on them about how effective they are.

Let’s take it this way:

  • Script 1:
    • Used 14 times
    • Worked 7 times
  • Script 2
    • Used 21 times
    • Worked 9 times

Which script is your better one?

Now imagine you only had one script. How would you be able to gauge how effective it is?

This brings us to our next topic…

Live A/B Testing

My marketing team LOVES to A/B test. If you ever come to my website and a page suddenly changes – it’s because we’re doing an A/B test and you’re caught in it.

An A/B test is simply when a brand says, “I want to know if I can make this better. I’m going to make changes and run both together until I get an answer.”

With our website – we have two variations of the same page. Sometimes its as simple a changing a color scheme or a call to action. Sometimes it’s a complete rebuild and redesign of a page. But we compare the variation against the regular page.

When we know which works best, we make that the new “standard” and roll out more tests.

There is never an excuse to not try to improve.

If companies can devote entire DEPARTMENTS to the importance of making sure they have the best performing items, then surely you can devote a little time here and there, right?

It doesn’t have to be a lot, either.

If you have a script you know that works – simply make a small change that you think will work better.

Here’s the way to think about it:

Do you have a script where something isn’t working well? Maybe it doesn’t need to be there. Maybe there’s not enough information. Maybe the wording is off. Whatever the problem may be – figure out what you believe that problem is.

Then, change the problem and test the script. Mix it up – you now have two scripts, use them both.

Take notes on them. How many times have you used them – how many times have they resulted in success?

With these scripts you need to work to tighten and streamline. The goal is not to stay on the phone. The goal is to get off the phone and get the in-person appointment.

If you want to double your appointments – you need to double your calls. If you want to double your calls then you need to use that time efficiently.

What if the Person I’m Calling Doesn’t Answer?

I love voicemails. I know I have 1-2 minutes of uninterrupted time to get to the point and get them to call me back. Put yourself in the mindset of a voicemail listener.

“Who is this person? Ugh, it’s a sales call. Jeeze, what do they want? How did they talk for so long?”

What you want:

  1. Interest
  2. Response

What you don’t want

  1. Deletion
  2. Them to forget

Do you have a script in case you get a voicemail?

You cannot plan for everything in life. There are too many uncertainties. But you CAN plan for the fact that people will not answer the phone when you call. What goes into a great voicemail?

  • Enticing – they have to WANT to contact you back
  • Not sales – people typically don’t want to call you back if it will lead to them paying money
  • Short – get to the point
  • Actionable – let them know what they need to do
  • Value Driven – let them know what YOU can do for THEM

Adapt and Be Agile

Understand something: you are never done improving. Hurdles will show up in your path and you adapt to them. Your scripts are your guides, but they are not your rigidly defined walls that you adhere to.

Be willing to deviate when needed. The person on the other end of the phone is just that…a person. They are as unique as you. What works with some will not work with other.

When dealing with other people our greatest strength as a real estate agent is our fluidity. Know when to go off script and know when to get back on it.

People will react differently. Some people will like things that other people don’t. Some things will resonate with some people that will fall flat with others.

Additionally, what works today may not work in ten years. As realtors, we grow and change to meet the needs of the ever evolving real estate market. Rigid structure prevents that growth that we need to thrive. Don’t believe me?

Try growing a giant redwood in a shoebox.

As you use your scripts – make notes. When you go off script, make notes. Where did you go off? How did you get back on?

Eventually you will have yourself a large enough sample size to be able to say, “This section falls flat and rarely gets used. Let’s omit it completely.”

Adaptation leads to ideas. Ideas lead to improvement. Improvement leads to continual success.

You can easily make changes to your day-to-day that will improve your business and grow your listings. Start simple. Make more time for yourself. Streamline what you do. Double your calls. Double your appointments.