3 Drivers of Peak Team Performance

Lead Your Team to Increased Sales Through Key Tools of Leadership

Team leaders are most effective when maximizing the production of their team members. Whether you are the rainmaker for your team or if you are primarily managing the production of others, your greatest opportunity for future performance increases is through your team members, enabling exponential growth.

There are a thousand different ways to do that but, in general, the most effective leaders of growing teams use three key areas effectively: empowerment, encouragement and accountability.

Empowerment: The first step to team success, especially when working with new team members, is for agents to know what to do and being enabled to do it. Business planning and goal setting with your team, both as a group and individually, will provide the clarity of purpose and the blueprint for success that they need. Do this annually (at a minimum), but also through weekly and monthly goals for both activities and sales. You must also then provide the training, support and tools in order to make them more effective and productive, which involves purposeful on-boarding, instruction on administrative necessities and (most importantly) immediate and on-going training on impactful prospecting systems and sales skills.

Encouragement: When the actual work is happening, propel it further through consistent encouragement. Start by making your weekly team meetings about more than administrative and current client information; use them to specifically motivate new sales activity. Set immediate prospecting goals and share success stories from recent prospecting efforts. Be sure to spend as much time focusing on the efforts of prospecting—calls and appointments—as you do on actual sales results. Also, congratulate agents individually when good things happen, especially when it is the result of purposeful prospecting efforts on their part. Most of all, be positive and motivational; the energy you bring will correlate with the energy of your team.

Accountability: That which is measured, improves. Effective accountability improves your team’s performance, and it requires more than simple leadership oversight; it requires tracking and reporting from your agents. Especially for prospecting activities, have your agents actively keep track of what they do—calls made, people reached, appointments held—and then review them weekly. This will keep them engaged in their own efforts and laser-focused on dollar-producing activities. You will naturally review other impactful metrics like volume, commissions, conversion rates and customer service, but keeping agent- and team-accountability squarely focused on prospecting will result in more sales than anything else.

At Sherri Johnson Coaching, we offer proven, affordable solutions for all three of these drivers of peak performance. From team training sessions to team leader coaching to exclusive online training platforms branded to your team, our systems have helped thousands of agents nationwide achieve peak performance. We have used these tools to literally help small teams grow from $6 million to over $80 million in closed volume, and large teams grow by over 250 agents and $1 billion annually.

Incorporating these key elements into your business—empowerment, encouragement and accountability—will help make that happen in your team. Implement them now and contact us to learn how to do it with maximum impact and growth.

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