3 Essential Roles for Team Leadership

Provide Inspiration, Guidance and Accountability to Create More Sales for Your Agents.

Sales are the primary driver of real estate success, and consistently focusing your team on making new sales calls and generating new listing and buyer opportunities is the most impactful thing that you can do for them. Daily, weekly and monthly inspiration, guidance and accountability are the keys to making that happen reliably and effectively.

As team leader and, often, lead rainmaker, you must assume the roles necessary to make team sales happen. You set the tone and you create the energy. Being the example, mentor and manager that each of your team members need will translate into more sales for you personally and, as importantly, more sales for your entire team.

Here are some tips for effectively embracing those roles and driving your team’s success:


As Inspiration
Your agents will do what they see you do successfully. When they see you focus on goals, they focus on goals too. When they see you make prospecting calls, they prospect too. When you demonstrate consistent drive, they will be inspired and empowered to do the same. Of these, the most important is prospecting, so if they don’t see you doing it with their own eyes, make sure that you are sharing your activities with them through shadowing, meetings and/or digital updates. Be excited when sharing them, and they will be excited too!

As Mentor
Make time on a regular basis to work with your agents, either individually or as a group, to hone their real estate sales skills. These skills should include effective sales systems such as maximizing their CRM to manage their prospecting, time blocking for new sales activity and other income-producing activities. While administrative and soft skills are important, carefully maintain primary focus on sales-driving instruction if you want maximum sales production to be the result.

As Manager
Accountability matters. Once you have set sales goals with your team and mentored them into focusing on income-producing activities, you need to be the person that holds them accountable for doing the work. Review their pipeline of leads every week and discuss it with them. Is it enough to create the sales necessary to reach their goals? Did they spend enough hours in the past week prospecting for new business? It is important that your agents keep their eye on the ball on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Holding them accountable—praising them when succeeding and inspiring them further when falling short—is a pivotal function that you perform to help your agents succeed.

Inspiration, guidance and accountability: these three keys to team success begin with you as the team leader. Implement them purposefully into your team leadership and you will help your team focus on consistent production and incredible success in their careers!

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