5 Approaches to Converting Leads

5 Value-Driven Approaches to Converting Leads

If you're the team leader/owner, there is nothing more important than properly converting leads: an online or offline lead that you have generated for your team members. Whether you paid for the lead or not, a new ready, willing and able ‘hot' lead has to be treated with urgency, care and provided with high value immediately to turn that lead into a new listing, new buyer and ultimately a sale. Training real estate agents with the right skills and the right system for follow up ensures that everyone on your team is responding to new online leads. 

5 Strategies

Follow these proven strategies that will direct converting leads into listings, sales and ultimately income for your real estate team and your business.

Be Responsive

it’s a potential sale after all. Converting leads is about taking action. I am always surprised at how many real estate agents don't answer their phones. It is vitally important to your success that you respond immediately to leads that are coming into your funnel. Whether a sign call or an online showing request, not responding immediately is practicing a form of what I like to call ‘sales prevention.' Opportunities aren't lost; they go to someone else who maximizes them. Always look at that call or email request as a potential sale because that's exactly what it is. Agents who ‘wait' to call someone back or reply to an email are going to appear uninterested in earning that potential buyers or seller's business. Immediately responding means, you are engaged in the business and ready to help them. Especially with impulse buyers who are in the market and want to purchase a new home, consumers will take note that you answered your phone the first time they contacted you. If you have a team, you have agents that can rotate to be ‘on call' to take all incoming calls. Consumers want a live person to answer, so I would suggest no voicemail unless you are in an appointment. But even then, have another team member take the call and if not service the call, have them schedule an appointment for you. Again, the consumer wants to hear a live person, not a recorded voicemail. Always return calls and emails promptly, and as early as possible, again, this is a potential sale.

Add Tremendous Value

Converting Leads Today

Converting Leads Today

It is vital to add immediate value to the experience. If converting leads is important, then you need to provide value. Offer a copy of your Exclusive Home Buyer Guide OR to enroll them into your Exclusive Home Buyer Program adds value. Explaining that you have a FREE giveaway that has everything you need to buy and sell a home in this complimentary giveaway adds value and differentiates yourself. This will also keep them on the phone with you longer or engaged in an email dialogue. You can offer to email or mail it to them or present it to them when you meet them to show them the house they are inquiring about. Using this will help you prove your unique value proposition, too. Really speak enthusiastically about the information that is included that it includes, mortgage, title, home inspection information, moving checklists, and will help de-stress their experience will have them both impressed and wanting a copy of it. Adding tremendous value will be one way that you will get yourself hired by potential new buyers and sellers.

Get Them Into New Listings First and Fast

If you are active in your market and your office, you probably know about new listings that are hitting the market before they even hit the market. Letting these potential buyers know immediately that your company or team have the largest market share and because of that, you are able to know about new listings that are coming on the market before they hit the market means you can get them in first and fast. Letting a potential buyer know that you are a top agent or team and that you have access and knowledge of new listings coming on the market will again make you invaluable to them and their home search process. You can also let them know you have pre-approved buyers that may be a good fit for their current home as well. Another significant value proposition that sets you apart from your competition. Also, offer other properties that would fit their search criteria. For example, “I can show you 3 other homes that I know are on the market that meets your search criteria after we see this one, how does that sound?”

Ask for the Appointment – Now

Converting Leads

Converting Leads

Ask the lead for information that will help you help them and lead to securing an appointment. Asking the right questions will help set the tone and cadence for how you can literally add value and help them buy and/or sell their homes. Ask them which times are better and give them two times to choose from. This is a presumptive way to have them choose one of them because you are setting up the meeting, it's just a matter of when. Get the appointment by adding value. I would like to go over my Exclusive Home Buyer Guide with you and do a consultation meeting at my office where I can show you lots of homes in my conference room on display, and we can discuss how we can best work together and then go out and see several houses. Or, add value by offering to “save them time and money before they make a list for home depot for improvements to their home, that they need you to see the improvements and you can help them decide which will result in a faster sale.” You can further say, “I am not coming to list it, but to see it and give you advice.” Ask them for the appointment and show value, they will respond with enthusiasm.

Be Presumptive and Certain

“I am so glad you contacted me, and I'm excited to be showing you homes and working with you during this exciting time.” Say things with confidence and certainty. In your Home Buyer Guide have an intro letter that says, “Dear New Client, Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home! I’m so glad we will be working together!’ Say you have access to mortgage providers, listings, you have an incredible negotiation strategy and that you make the process smooth and stress-free and that you handle all the details before and after the purchase as well as when selling their home. Say “when,” not “if” and use the opportunity to set yourself apart as the agent they need to work with both to find them the home of their dreams and to help them sell their current home.

Making sure you are responsive is the best strategy on converting leads and adding value during the very first conversation will make the difference in getting you noticed by potential buyer and seller leads. You will grab their attention with your Value-Driven Strategy to give them what they need even if they didn’t know they needed it. It’s like extra surprise value to their process and will make them attracted to your style and services you offer.

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