5 Ways to Differentiate Your Team with Video

5 Ways to Differentiate Your Team with Video

With the rising increase of video in our society and through social media, it has become quite apparent that the real estate industry can utilize this technology in many different ways to list and sell more homes.  There are so many effective ways to use video in real estate sales that will allow you to 1.) market homes, 2.) communicate with your clients more effectively and 3.) communicate your services and market your team members much more quickly and more effectively.  Coach real estate agents to adopt these uses of video into your business this year and start reaping the benefits of how much more effective you are in communicating, selling and marketing.

Salespeople who listen to emotions rather than facts are able to listen and respond better and hence help achieve a win/win for all.  You are better when you are face to face. You want to attract people, magnetically to your services and your excellent team. Use these strategies with video to make your team stand out and win and close more business.

Effective strategies for your team to use video

Use Video to Pre-Market your new listings on social media.   Give a ‘sneak preview’ of your hot, new listing that coming soon or new to market on social media with a quick video that you post in real time.   Authentic and building excitement and enthusiasm about your new listing that will entice buyers to want to see it right away!

Differentiate Your Team with Video

Differentiate Your Team with Video

Use Video to Promote your Open Houses.  Build excitement and urgency with your next open house by posting a quick video of your new listing with music and drone shots as well as particular highlights and features about the property to attract buyers to your open house.  Boost that on Facebook Ad and drive more traffic to your team’s open houses.

Use Video to Market your Services.  Create a casual, yet professional video of you and your team members outlining your services for buying and selling with you and what exclusive benefits and services you provide in the process.  Create a quick pre-marketing video that you can send before your listing appointment and also create an Exclusive Buyer Guide video that provides your client with a list of all the services you provide when helping your clients purchase a home.  If you have Listing or Buyer Specialists or other partners on your team, they can record a video about the unique services they provide to help add value to the client’s experience.  

These videos can be repurposed and used on your web site, your Facebook business page and your team members’ Facebook pages, posted on a social media channel with a call to action for lead generation, used in email campaigns and more.  Each of your team members can record an introduction video telling the story of their background and years in the business. People connect with video. It’s more personal and creates a relationship faster than text-based communication.

Use video to post testimonials. Fantastic use of video to market your team and your exclusive services is to record testimonials of a happy buyer and seller clients that used your team.  Everyone loves reviews, and potential new clients want testimonials from people who have sold and bought homes from you and your team. Ask your clients to record a 1-2-minute quick video of why their experience with your team member was so extraordinary and why they would recommend you to anyone buying or selling.   These can be re-purposed for social media posts, used in your listing and buyer presentations and more!

Maximize Video during Negotiation for higher effectiveness.   Use Zoom screen share video conferencing to review contracts with your clients.  We are 95% more effective when we are communicating in person. We can maximize and take advantage of the advances in digital transactions however we really need to incorporate a face to face conversation to review the purchase agreement with the client.  If you can’t physically meet with your client in person, the next best thing is to do a video conference call and utilize the share screen feature and literally review the signed contract on the screen with your client. Many times, our clients are signing documents digitally on their phones, and it is imperative that you review before it is signed or review after to go through the agreement, so they know what they exactly signed.  This step will help you better manage expectations and avoid surprises at closing.

Incorporating the many different uses of video into your team’s business strategy will help you connect with people and communicate your services and your radically different value proposition to everyone.  Your team’s enthusiasm and energy will radiate and become evident that you are a high performing successful sales team that will provide outstanding service to help make their home buying or selling experience easier and stress-free.   Have fun with it and remember, you want to be authentic, genuine and connect with people personally!

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