5 Ways to Leverage Your Real Estate Team

Dominate Your Market

I have always said, “Own your market or someone else will.” If you would like for your team to dominate your market, you need to leverage the entire team and each member. As a Team Lead, one of the most important tasks you have is coaching agents and driving your team members to success. Not doing this leads to frustration, potentially high turnover of members and lack of hitting your own goals as well as agents who end up failing and leaving the business, or worse they leave to go on their own or join another team. Business strategy coaching is one of the most attractive value propositions that you can use to recruit agents to join your group and in doing this with your team, you will win more opportunities and grow your agents business and the overall production and size of your team.

5 Methods to Leverage Your Real Estate Team

Adopt these business strategies and marketing methods that will help you improve the leadership and results of your team and dominate your marketplace with signs, signs and more signs:

Differentiate Your Team and Brand

Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Team

What makes you the best choice? Why would someone choose your real estate team or one of your team members over another? What exclusive tools make your service the number one choice? How you communicate your differentiation is what sets you apart from other agents and teams. This will create a value wedge between you and your competition that you need to communicate and literally brand yourself for doing. Everyone on your team should know the value wedge and be able to express it clearly to all.

Business Plan with Each Member

Writing a personal and financial business plan with each agent is one of the most pro-active tasks you can do with them for future success. Help them identify their income goals and how many houses they need to sell at an average sales price to help them determine how many listings and sales they will need to list and sell to achieve that income goal. This plan should also include maximizing their sphere of influence and incorporating its database into the team's master database.

Promote Your Team

Promote your real estate team and each member everywhere: online, print, billboards, social media, signage and in all marketing. The teams that succeed the most and dominate their markets are visible everywhere, and the marketing message and branding is consistent and showcases each team member. Over promote their skills, successes, talents, and expertise. Provide each with a web page, social channel and include

Weekly Pipeline of Leads

Have each team member give you their pipeline of leads every week. This is an excellent way to benchmark, challenge and motivate them. Review this list weekly with them and help them strategize how to convert these leads into appointments. They will be turning more leads into income which will result in more signs and market share for your team.

Open House Strategy

Open House Strategy

Have a Powerhouse Open Houses Strategy

Have a powerhouse Open Houses Strategy for lead generation. Again, getting to the level where your real estate team brand is the most recognized in your market happens when you and your entire team are out in the market every week interacting with potential buyers and sellers. Share your powerhouse Open House Strategy everywhere that you market your team's services. More signs will bring more recognition, and when these open houses are correctly done, your team is converting leads at the opens into listings, buyers, sales, and income. A powerhouse plan for weekend opens will set your team apart and have everyone maximizing Sunday real estate day.

Implementing these leveraging strategies will radically differentiate yourself and your real estate team's services and attract more potential clients. Your branding of the entire team, as well as each team's personal business plan, will drive everyone on your team to success. Consistency is vital and putting your name and your entire team photo as well as promoting your team members will have your brand dominating your market in no time.

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