6 Amazing Ways to Drive Listings & Sales Immediately

Creating and sustaining the momentum in your sales team requires that you are constantly driving sales and continuously and sometimes tirelessly motivating and challenging your sales team to new performance levels.  Follow these proven strategies to increase your production efforts of your sales team.  By following these easy to implement strategies, you will not only be achieving and succeeding your office’s goals, but your agents will thank you for helping them hit theirs as well.


  • Have a weekly business building coaching session. When you lead the sales momentum, YOU are one person driving the business in your sales organization.  It is up to you to set the tone and create a cadence of ‘dollar producing activities’ that create success.  Meet with your team weekly to help them refocus, schedule the time for them to work ‘on the business’ and help them generate new buyer and seller opportunities for themselves.  Weekly meetings keep your agents on track and accountable and produce amazing results.
  • Have a Coaching, Training and Sales Events Calendar every month. By creating the environment for your agents to learn, grow and enhance their skills they will be increasing their skills and able to compete at a higher level in the field.  Having a calendar with coaching and training sessions scheduled in advance will help teach your agents how to communicate, negotiate and close more opportunities into sales and income.   Holding a Call Event in your office schedules the time for your agents to actually make their calls.  It gets scheduled on their calendar and it actually happens. It is also a great team building event to have agents come together to make their calls.  Success will breed more success and they can share their best strategies they are having with each other too.
  • Hold a Social Media Workshop weekly. Most agents have a Facebook business page but don’t really know how to maximize it or how to market themselves on social media. Hold a workshop and have the agents bring in their laptops and show them how to use social media effectively. How to use a graphic editor, like Canva to make marketing posts for their open houses, new listings or to market their services
  • Hold a session on how to convert Open House Leads into income. Your agents can make their open houses the most productive and profitable 2-3 hours of their week if they properly choose and plan the right open house and convert the leads that attend.  Watch my exclusive strategy ‘Make $50k at your next open house’ webinar as a lunch and learn.  Teach and coach them the right way to hold the open, speak and build a relationship and close an appointment during the open house.
  • Have FSBO and Expired Listing Prospecting Groups. Get your agents into the office and lead a FSBO and Expired Listings group.  These are great off-line leads that are free and can easily be converted with the right strategy.  Coach your agents to add value and having even a small group calling creates great team work and means you have lots of agents calling on these ‘lay-up’ leads which when converted create more signs, sales and revenue for both your agents and your office.
  • Hold a monthly listing or sales contest. Don’t overcomplicate this.   Just decide you’re having a contest and put it in motion immediately.  You are looking to drive and increase listings and sales and an exciting contest can be the best driver to create momentum in your office or organization.  Hold a contest and reward agents for their successes! Treat them to a happy hour, lunch or monetary reward.  When we track, measure and report to another human being, results improve. A monthly contest can incentivize your whole team to up their game for that month and create fantastic results! Plus, you will be re-enforcing your culture of success and relationships by inspiring, coaching and then rewarding your team.  There is a reason they are called incentives…they really work!


By implementing several of these strategies you will be increasing your effectiveness as the sales manager and leader.  Your team will be at the top of their game and they will be focused on both creating and maximizing new buyer and listing opportunities.  This will create massive momentum within your offices and your teams. It will also lead to a substantial increase in market share, listings and sales and ultimately more income for your agents and your top line revenue.  This also leads to higher retention of agents as well as creates an amazing environment that attracts more agents to your team as well.


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