7 Essential Behaviors of Highly Performing Mega Teams

Behaviors of Highly Performing Mega Teams

A look into what makes teams effective and thrive. How teams achieve seven-figure incomes and how to accelerate year over year growth of your team starting right now.

Mega Teams

You are operating your business within your brokerage’s umbrella, co-branding with the broker for mutual success. If you are growing your team at a nice, steady pace or are experiencing the struggles and setbacks that most teams have in trying to develop and it feels like you take ten steps forward and twenty back, you will want to adopt these 7 essential traits that high performing mega teams live by that help them propel their momentum and grow their teams and their production on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Top Teams Operate as a Company

mega teams in real estate

Mega Teams

The team leader is CEO of their team and is directly responsible for running the team like a company with a P&L statement, a business plan, and goals and objectives to meet to grow and develop the team into a well-oiled machine. ROI, lead generation, systems drive the team as well as a leader that is innovative, charismatic, motivated and results-oriented.

Culture is King

Culture makes or breaks a team’s success. High performing mega teams are successful because they have a culture that starts with the team leader and each member of the team is 100% bought into working together for mutual success. The philosophy begins and ends with the team leader and is carried out with staff and other agents on the team. Good culture breeds a sense of teamwork, dedication, commitment and forward-thinking vision for all to achieve their goals.

Communicated Goals and Direction

Everyone on the team knows their numbers and their goals each week, as well as the overall team’s goals, are shared with the entire team. The team leader is directly responsible for leading and directing efforts of the team. Weekly meetings help create the ‘flywheel’ of activities that lead to high performance every week.

Outstanding Support Staff Team

The success of a Mega Team is determined by the back of the house support staff team that is handling all the daily tasks and details that help leverage the sales team’s time, resources and effectiveness. Hiring the right staff and delegating allows the team leader to lead and the staff to support everyone’s functions at high levels and provides more sales hours for the sales team to be out selling and maximizing more opportunities.

Consistent Team Branding

Top teams have incredibly consistent marketing and branding. All team members use the same team email address, the team logo, all team tools and marketing that is recognized by the public. When done correctly it creates a co-branding with your brokerage that will gain instant recognition from the public. The team has a comprehensive social media digital marketing plan, and all marketing both print and digital is consistent and branded for all team members which includes video to promote the team and each member individually as well.

Competitive Compensation for Team Members

Successful Mega Teams

Successful Mega Teams

Teams need to offer an attractive competitive compensation package to the agents and staff proposing additional benefits of joining the team. Providing leads to the agents is one benefit officered by teams to buyer’s agents and listing specialists.

True Scalability

When the team leader can reproduce the systems and service offerings by their team members over and over again, they can scale their businesses. By having systems in place for everything including a home buyers’ program, marketing your home system, the sale, and closing program and follow up with leads and past clients and sphere, team members can operate more efficiently and with more time spent with new customers. Scaling your business means every client receives the same 5-Star Service Commitment that a team is marketing they do for their home buyers and sellers. Systems allow team members to focus more time on sales and customer service while the agent is holding the details.

If you are struggling with accelerating your team’s effectiveness so you can grow your team into a Mega Team earning over 7 figures, look at your systems, your staff, your leadership skills. Do you delegate, communicate and lead your team? Do you have systems for lead generation and customer follow-up through an effective CRM? Do you conduct a weekly team meeting that brings organization and synergy to your team to create your team’s culture, set goals and drive business? Start by making a plan to implement these 7 essential traits into your team for success and to start scaling your business.

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