A Platform for Agent Training and Increased Value

A Branded Company Platform Will Launch Agents, Grow Sales and Increase Retention

Depending on the size of your brokerage, you may or may not already have an internal learning platform for training new and experienced agents. Even if you do, that training may be through a national corporate site, so it may not address local training needs specific to your office. A solution for local and franchise brokers is to provide a customized learning platform that is specifically branded and customized to your company. Through Sherri Johnson Academy, we have been offering this to brokers ranging in size from 10 agents to a thousand agents to help them accomplish all of the following:

New-Agent Training: The platform will include videos, tools and activities specifically designed to help new agents launch their careers and create an immediate sales pipeline.

Experienced-Agent Training: Additional training courses are designed to drive growth for your current agents, from prospecting and sales systems to honing sales skills, adding staff and/or growing a team. All of this is accessible online or through a mobile application.

Broker/Office-Specific Training: As the broker, you will have the ability to easily add videos or other training material to your platform that are specific to your office and/or market. For instance, by sharing videos about company history, management, and company culture, new agents will consistently learn valuable information about your company outside of any formal in-person training that you provide.

Company-Wide Discussions: You can host Zoom webinars or meetings within your branded platform, and you can optionally enable “chat” functionality, with the ability for all company agents and managers to exchange ideas and materials (e.g., marketing ideas, email templates, etc.). This creates a shared-success dynamic, elevating sales activity and effectiveness across all of your agents.

Additional Management Features and Training: 
Managers can assign courses and view agent progress in any assigned training materials, which is especially helpful with new agents. There are also multiple other useful features, as well as management training courses to drive recruiting, retention, culture and profitability.

Broker learning platforms are fully customizable and can be scaled based upon your needs. Also, as the platform is branded and exclusive to your company, it is extremely useful both in your recruiting efforts and as a tool for retention. Best of all, platforms are affordable for brokers of all sizes, and the return on investment is outstanding.

To set yourself apart from other brokers, drive more sales, and increase company loyalty and culture, consider adding a branded learning platform to your company or office. You and your team will benefit greatly from this incredible value-added feature, and you can learn more about how it can be implemented into your business by setting up a time to speak with us here.

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