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Broadcasted On: Thursday | OCTOBER 17, 2019

Topic:Building a GoldMine Pipeline to create consistent income

Broadcasted On: Wednesday|  SEPTEMBER 24, 2019

Topic: Gaining Buyer Loyalty

Broadcasted On: Wednesday|  AUGUST 15, 2019          

Topic: Competitive Edge – Win Every Listing

Broadcasted On: Wednesday|  JUNE 17, 2019          

Topic: Microfarming for Listings

Broadcasted On: Wednesday|  JUNE 5, 2019          

Topic: Speak on Purpose Speak with Purpose

Broadcasted On: Wednesday  |  September 12, 2018          

Topic: Building a Team to scale your Business

Broadcasted On: Wednesday  |  August 8, 2018          

Topic: Competitive Listing Strategy: Overcoming Pricing Objections

Broadcasted On: Thursday  |  JUNE 21, 2018          

Topic:   Building a GoldMine Pipeline to create consistent income

Broadcasted On: Wednesday  |  JULY 11, 2018          

Topic: Sherri Johnson’s Exclusive Sales Strategy:   How to Make $50,000 at your next Open House™


Broadcasted On: Wednesday |  OCTOBER 16, 2019          

Topic: Getting Your New Agent Up & Running in 30 Days

Broadcasted On: Wednesday|  AUGUST 14, 2019          

Topic: 8 Point Recruiting Plan

Broadcasted On: Wednesday|  JUNE 12, 2019          

Topic: Planning & Conducting Impactful Sales

Broadcasted On: Thursday  | September 20, 2018

Topic: NetPRO: Dramatically Increase your Profitability!

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Broadcasted On: Thursday  |  August 9, 2018

Topic: LeadershipPRO  Getting your new agents successful in the first 30 days!

Broadcasted On: Wednesday  |  JUNE 27, 2018          

Topic:  Planning & Executing Impactful Sales Meetings that Add Value and Drive Success

Broadcasted On: Thursday  |  JULY 12, 2018          

Topic: Leadership Performance:  Communicating your value proposition for Effective Recruiting & Retention