Build and Scale Your Team

Success Plan to Build and Scale Your Team

If you are a team leader of an existing team, or you recently started a team and are trying to build and scale your team, implement the following strategies that will double your sales regardless of where you are right now. Having THE strategy and vision will get you started but it is imperative that you have a drive, relentless tenacity and will to succeed and know that you are going to make mistakes while growing but it will be worth it in the end. Agents who have a written strategy and business plan succeed at a higher rate. Let's make this year the year you double your sales. So many of my clients have used this strategy to go from $5 to $25M or $6 to $60+M and even over $100M in closed business.

Follow and implement these strategies to get you started on doubling your team’s size, production, income and increase your market share as well.

Strategies to Scale Your Team

Write down your vision. Where do you want to go? Is there a goal or a level of achievement that you want to conquer and what is it and what does it look like? What is your end goal? Do you know what precisely you want to do? Work less, travel more, be the #1 team in your market?, double your units or volume or even increase your GCI and profit? Do you want a better work/life balance? Do you want to change the lives of the agents and employees that work for you? You need to know exactly what it is you want to achieve AND what it will mean to you when you achieve it.

What's the “Must Have” income? Write down the actual must have income and then the Crazy amount of income you want to earn and team members to earn. Go ahead. Write it down. Add more to the number right now. Don't shortchange yourself!

Make a list of what you have to do to achieve this vision and goal. Write down 4-5 bullet points of action items you must accomplish to attain the goal

Scale Your Team

Scale Your Team

you have set.  Then write down if you already have the people to make this happen OR write down next to the action item “need team member here.”


Determine how many new agents you need in sales listing and selling homes full time. Are there people on your team that can be coached up to do double their production or do you need to recruit new agents into your organization? Do you need staff? Depending on your current set up, you may want to hire a social media marketing administrator for your team.

What does your Work Center System look like? Do you have procedures and systems in place for every function of your team? Identify opportunities and weaknesses that need attention and create the system for every role in the team from listing docs to closing and social media marketing. Repeatable systems will help leverage your time and ability to move on to more dollar producing activities.

Communicate your vision to your team and solicit their commitment to helping make it happen. Have weekly team meetings where you share new listings with each other and match buyer and seller to homes literally in your team meeting. Give everyone on your team a chance to show and sell the house first.

Set up a private team only Facebook group for your team so you can motivate, inspire, track and hold agents accountable to their business plans. Congratulate and recognize their daily achievements that will later turn into significant results in listings, sales, and income!

Set monthly goals for each agent and team member for listings and sales and track the number of appointments your team goes on and track monthly listings and sales by agent and by the entire team and share this. You can use my exclusive GoldMinePipeline TM strategy to build each agents pipeline of buyer and seller leads for them to ROCK IT!!

Create a recruiting plan to hire agents in a specific neighborhood or city that you want to dominate. Train the agents immediately and get he or she up and running quickly with success, so they are busy and making money. And you have more signs out in your market.

Coach real estate agents in how to sell and increase their skill set monthly on how to compete and win every listing and convert leads into appointments, sales, and income. Have call days for your agents to make calls during a designated time. There is success in numbers and success breeds success!

Reward performance. Set a team goal and huge reward or prize when we all hit the target we get to go on a cruise, go to a tropical resort, earn bonus money or increase the commission rates.

Celebrate victories and recognize those who hit their goals. Give them the accolades for their commitment and perseverance to not give up, but get 100% focused and stay the course all year.

If you adopt these leadership principles to communicate your goals for your team as well as inspire, challenge and motivate them, you will see amazing results. Everyone will be feeding off each other and success will continue to happen. Your leadership will literally create the cadence of energy that moves people to perform at the highest level, and you will see you will be meeting and exceeding your annual goals and growing your thriving team.

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