Building Relationships Through Handshakes

Building Relationships Through Handshakes – Sherri's Tip of the Month

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This month's tip is about building relationships through handshakes!

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Welcome to this month's, Tip of the Month, which is on how to create a relationship and get a name from somebody through a handshake. And I know that sounds crazy and you're probably like, what is this about? But many people and agents all over the country tell us that they have a very hard time getting someone's name, mostly at an open house.

And so what happens is that as you say hello to somebody and you shake their hand and they only give you their first name, you don't ask for their last name and so the way that we overcome this sort of weird situation that only tends to get more weird, is to lean right into it.

It is impossible to add value in the first 15 seconds when you meet somebody, right? So what you have to do is get through the weird and just plow right through it and say, “I'm not going to let go of their hand until I get their last name or their first name.” So sometimes when you're leaning in to shake their hand, they're going like this, backing up, because that's human body language and that's going to account for about 55% of all communication.

So what you want to do is say, “Hello.” Shake their hand. Keep shaking it while you're asking more questions and you're going to say, “You are?” And they're going to say, “Jane.” And you're going to say, “Jane, what?” And they're going to say, “Jane Smith.” And you say, “Great, Jane. I'm Sherri Johnson. Let's go look at this house. After all, that's why you're here.”

So the important thing is to not stop shaking their hand. A firm handshake, looking people right in the eyes, engaging with them right out of the gate, is going to create a confidence level with you, with them. And again, if they're not giving you their full name, it's okay to say, “I didn't get your last name.”

Even if they didn't say it, you just say, “I didn't hear it.” Or, “I didn't get your last name. “And again, people's body language, it's going to tell you that they're uncomfortable in those first 15 seconds and that's okay because in the next 15 minutes, you're going to add so much value, that you're going to get a listing appointment and a buyer showing appointment with those people, after you add value.

I hope this has helped you and remember, I'm Sherri Johnson and you rock. I'll see you on the next Tip of the Month.





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