Building Your Brand on Social Media With Jeff Pfitzer

Building Your Brand on Social Media With Jeff Pfitzer – Rockstar Interview

In this Rockstar episode, Jeff Pfitzer and I talk about how to build your brand on social media!

Jeff is the founder of Drunk on Social which provides free education, examples, processes, to help you build your brand on social media.
Jeff is a 20-year veteran of the mortgage and real estate business and has real estate franchise ownership experience.
He is also currently affiliated with Lab Coat Agents, Club Wealth Coaching, Ylopo, and more.

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In this episode we cover:

00:00 – 01:15 Intro

01:16 – 09:12 What does Jeff do and how he started?

09:13 – 16:43 Which social media platform is the best for engagement

16:44 – 22:45 What seems to be an insignificant conversation makes results

22:46 – 33:05 How do you start to create content on Youtube?

33:06 – 39:39 We are at our best when we are at face to face

39:40 – 51:37 What is the first video that Jeff recorded?

51:38 – 57:01 Closing

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