One-On-One Real Estate Agent Coaching

Powerful and Progressive Training


The goal of any real estate coach is to provide you with the tools and confidence to WIN more appointments and CLOSE more deals! If your coach isn’t doing that then they aren’t doing a good enough job.

We guide you to set, reach and surpass your goals in real estate. Use these strategies to accelerate your results and get there faster with fewer headaches.



Gain the Confidence you need to Compete.

Get the Tools you need to Win.

Build the Team you need to Succeed.

Hire a Coach, Change Your Life!

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Every successful salesperson has an effective strategy.


Do you have yours? Do you know if it will work?

What if a misstep in strategy could result in no leads, no prospects, and no revenue? Would you want to try to make a go of it on your own…or make sure your strategy is buttoned-up, dialed-in, and any of the other euphemisms there are.

In real estate, strategy is only effective if it’s good. A bad strategy can cost you thousands. A good strategy can make you millions.

What kind of lead generation, marketing, managing and sales strategy do you have?

Hire a Coach, Change Your Life!





In an increasingly competitive real estate environment you need an aggressive and proven strategy that will take you to directly to success and income. With these easy to use (and easy to implement) action plans and tools you are ready to compete, win and grow!

This is not your run-of-the-mill real estate agent training. You will get substantive strategies. You will get the REAL DEAL. You will get the TOOLS and proven STRATEGIES. You will be SHOWN first hand how to implement.

There is ZERO FLUFF.



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You Will be Guided by a Personal, One-on-One Real Estate Coach


Real-time, ready to implement action plans will be yours as well as strategy coaching with your coaching team that will take your business to the next level and create the breakthroughs you need to be successful.

You will receive hundreds of new, fresh ideas that will be provided to you weekly straight from your Personal Strategy Coach!



Real Estate Business


Planning + Coaching

Personalized real estate coaching & real estate consulting for agents, managers and broker/owners. PRO, Premium and Premier Team coaching programs ensure you create and drive more successful results. These proven strategies work quickly with effective accountability and will systematically grow your business year after year.

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Competitive Edge Sales Skills & Resources

You will learn creative and proven skills for selling, negotiating, buyer and seller presentations (with scripts), lead conversion, creating new business and generating a referral business for life!

You get unlimited access to an exclusive video library of the Sherri Johnson Strategy Coaching System with cutting-edge scripts, role play, training, presentations and more. A member-only document library of checklists and systems are easy to use and ready to customize and implement for generating more business. These tools and strategies can increase your business by 50-100% regardless of your current production.

  • Live One on One Coaching with your personal and certified Sherri Johnson Strategy Coach
  • Private, Member-Access Only LIVE Sherri Johnson Success Series Webinars
  • Sherri’s Exclusive “You ROCK!” Video blog series featuring tools, skills, technology, marketing & trends
  • Accountability Tracking System
  • National Referral Member Network
  • Exclusive RockSTAR Agent Interviews
  • Discounted Admission to select Sherri Johnson Conferences & Success Events
  • Member only Online Access to Video & Document Resource Library
  • Over 50 coaching courses to create your personalized program
  • Private Group Social Media Networking
  • Professional Discounts with Preferred Vendors and Partners

Hire a Coach, Change Your Life!