Creating Individual and Team Biographies

How to promote joint strengths and benefits to potential clients 

Real estate team members offer multiple levels of benefits to their clients. On an individual level, they bring their individual strengths and efforts to the agent-client relationship and connect with most clients on a personal level. Additionally, on a team level, they offer an array of support capabilities and the benefits of collaborative effort to give sellers and buyers a competitive edge. 

A thoughtful and well-written professional biography will communicate both of these aspects of a real estate team member’s abilities. Include the following three keys when creating biographies for team members, and you will successfully create a positive impression both as a client’s personal agent and as a member of a real estate team:

 1. Begin with Individual Credentials

A biography for any team member—from the lead agent to a brand new agent to support staff—should begin by clearly stating their role in real estate. Write this with the audience in mind, specifically for potential and actual clients. Your biography should directly state what you do and allude to why that will benefit someone who hires you and your team. Examples include, “Team Leader ‘X’ has been a top agent in Yourtown for over 20 years and is a recognized leader in luxury homes”, or for a newer agent, “Agent ‘X’ is a born Realtor and is extremely conscientious of providing personalized customer service for her real estate clients.” Other points that can be made in the first few sentences can reference your connection to the area, relevant experience within or outside of real estate, and your focus on how you will benefit your clients. 

 2. Make it Personal and Interesting

Biographies do more than just present your bona fides; they create an impression of who you are as a human being and form an initial connection with the reader. Be sure to include some personal information that is consistent with the message and impression that you are seeking to promote. Be sure to choose what you include purposefully. For instance, highlighting that you are a lifelong resident or that you are involved in a local charity probably works better than saying that you spend a significant amount of your year traveling. Whatever you choose, make it interesting and inviting to people that are just getting to know you.

3. Promote Team Strengths and Advantages

After you have introduced yourself, it is time to highlight the benefit that your team brings to the table. This should typically be a brief separate paragraph, starting with something like, “Agent ‘X’ is a proud member of the ‘Y’ Team.” It should then go on to convey market strength, capabilities and advantages for your clients, and any focus or interesting information that differentiates your team within your market and will inspire confidence in potential clients. Ideally, this part of the biography should be the same for all team members to portray a consistent team message. 

If you are stuck on what to write, it may help to write your biography with your team leader or another team member. Make a list of your strengths, what you value, and what makes you different and interesting and then choose a few of these to put down. And don’t feel like you have to include every single thing about yourself; be brief, be interesting, and be impactful. You can also look for examples online of other agents’ biographies, and use ones that you like as inspiration. 

So highlight yourself, your strengths, and the benefits of being part of a team, and your biography will create a compelling message to attract more clients for your real estate success!

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