Creating Holiday Season Listings 

Leverage seasonal advantages to create more listing opportunities 

As we quickly approach the start of the holiday season, now is a good time to prime your team on creating new listings through the end of the year. 

Listings are always the key to success for real estate agents, and are especially important in today’s market. As your team reaches out to their family and their sphere this time of year, they should be encouraging those who are considering making a real estate move to list their homes immediately. 

Here are the advantages of listing homes during the holidays that your team should be sharing: 

  1. Less competition:  Many people are already aware that there is a shortage of listings. This dynamic is doubly true during the holidays, when some homesellers choose to retreat from the market and wait until the new year. That is an advantage for listers willing to jump in now, and can result in increased buyer competition, multiple offers, and higher sales prices. 
  1. Buyers are serious:  People looking at homes during the holidays bring two key advantages: they are more likely to be driven by immediate need, and they subconsciously may be looking to “give themselves a present”. The first group is driven by necessity—if they need a home now, then now is when they will make an offer. The second group is a product of the season; maybe a home purchase isn’t urgent, but wouldn’t it be nice to be in a new home by Christmas or to start the new year? Highlight that your listers are less likely to be “wasting time” with buyers during the holidays, and that may give them the incentive that they need to list now. 
  1. Increased virtual sales ability:  A benefit of this most unique year is that remote showings and contract execution have become widely acceptable means of conducting real estate sales. Listers will likely still need to accommodate some visitors, but a great many viewings and Realtor meetings will be able to be conducted virtually. This is less disruptive for potential listers, so use this as an additional selling point. 


Your team should be reaching out to their entire sphere and client base now anyway to leverage seasonal goodwill, reinforce relationships, and search for new business. For homeowners indicating a need to sell, have your team use the seasonal reasons above to encourage them to list with you now. A quick sale at a good price may result, and you will have created another happy client while also finishing your own year with increased sales!

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