Driving Motivation of your team members. 6 Proven strategies that drive immediate business for your team members.

As the Team Leader or Rainmaker of your real estate team you can intentionally grow your team’s production immediately by coaching, motivating and incentivizing them every day and week.  By using these 6 proven turnkey strategies you can grow your team’s production with accelerated results this month.


  1. The Speed of the Leader determines the Rate of the Pack. You are the pacesetter. The one who sets the tone of what the expectations are to be on your team and what the minimum standards are to remain on the team.  You are solely responsible for leading these agents to success.  Your intentional coaching, training, communicating and energy will make the difference in creating a thriving and winning team!


  1. Know their why.  When you are business planning with each of your team members find out what drives and motivates them to sell homes.  What are they doing with the money they earn. Are they the primary income earner of their family or situation?  Do they have goals (new house, travel, pay off debt, pay for college, etc.) Knowing this will help you tie their goals to their actual production weekly and monthly.  When I know someone’s purpose, their ‘why’, then I am able to remind them of the reason they set their goals as they did….do accomplish their why.  This works incredibly well and will remind your agents of their goals and their ‘why’ daily and weekly which keeps them motivated and incentivized to achieve the goals.


  1. Business Plan with each agent monthly. Make sure you have a business planning session with every agent you hire and with your experienced agents as well.  Putting their must make, would like to make and would love to make numbers on paper will make them on purpose and writing it down and committing to these goals is the first step toward achieving them.  They should review their goals weekly and keep them in front of them daily.


  1. Set monthly team and individual goals. By communicating what the team and individual goals are each month and then reviewing them weekly you will be a constant reminder to their goals and keeping them focused and on track.  Include these goals in the weekly sales meeting and talk about what’s in their pipeline of buyer and listing leads, who is signing on this month and what’s the forecast for the next 60 days of sales.


  1. Track and monitor with Accountability. Tracking the progress means literally tracking the number of calls made, the number of appointments they are going on weekly and the number of new listings and sales that are secured each week by your sales team. When you scoreboard the activity, you generate a healthy competition of success.  Everyone is sharing their successes and it becomes a team effort.  Tracking and measuring holds people accountable to their goals and commitments and will help the stay on track week to week. Have system of reporting the weekly calls, appointments and listings and sales to the team and your agents.


  1. Hold Weekly Sales Meetings. The weekly sales meeting drives the energy of your purpose and your team.  You can report activity of each agent, celebrate the listings and sales for the week and sell listings right in your sales meeting.  This is the best networking event of the week for your team of agents to help sell each other’s listings, learn, be held accountable, and be coached and trained for the week.  Never miss a meeting and have fun, inspire your agents and build a culture of success!


I always say, “I can’t motivate a satisfied person.” Having the knowledge of why your agents are in the business and what they are doing with the income they generate from real estate sales will help you drive their performance.  Using incentives and literally coaching them up through weekly and monthly accountability will exponentiate their results. They will be hitting and exceeding their goals and contributing to your team’s goals.


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