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As a Real Estate Agent, You Want to Thrive

But what does that mean? What is it going to take to reach the place you need to reach so that you can feel confident and successful in your real estate career?

You can sit down with a pen and paper, take out the old calculator and figure it out the hard way, or…

Just download this free sheet and get a deeper understanding of what you need to do to hit your goals.

To start – you just set your financial goals: how much you NEED to make, how much you WANT to make, how much you would LOVE to make.

Then you just fill in the blanks. What historical time frame do you want to look at – and what did you do during that time period.

What you’ll get is a breakdown of closing rate, sales rates, what your average sales are and your earnings per sale.

You’ll be told what your numbers need to look like to reach what you WANT and what you would LOVE to make.

Plus, you’ll get your Monthly numbers to make sure you’re keeping yourself on track for your goals.

But these numbers are only as good when you know what to do with them.

Get The Most from This Sheet with Free Coaching

By filling this out you will automatically get a free strategy call with one of our success coaches to go over the breakdown.

Numbers not where you want them to be? Figure out where you need to make changes.

Numbers higher than you thought? Let our success coach help you make sure you’re scaling well.

This is YOUR strategy session, you can use it for what you want.

On your complimentary strategy call you can understand how to:

Get more leads but spend less time on the phone.

Your time is valuable. Your time is important. Do you want to spend it making 300 calls per week? Or do you want to understand how to properly automate and explode your earnings week after week?

Make your open house the best and most rewarding two hours of your week.

Your open house is your best marketing tool. Not only is it a billboard with your name on it, it’s an almost guaranteed way to get new leads. Just the neighbors stopping by to take a look? That’s a lead you just need to know how to convert.

What you’re saying (or not saying) that is killing your deals.

Language is everything. Body language, especially. There are so many subtle and simple ways we sabotage ourselves through tone, stance, and words. If this is happening to you, the numbers on your sheet will show it and we can absolutely get a plan in place to help you solve it.

How to grow and scale your real estate business to maximize your potential.

Some people want to be more than just a solo agent. Some people want an empire. We get it, we’ve been there. But scaling can be dangerous. Don’t go it alone when we can make sure you have a solid foundation and plan in place to go on.

How to build a GoldMine Pipeline of potential.

Who are you talking to? What’s in your pipeline? Hate this question? You’re not alone. A lot of agents do because they just haven’t figured out how to make it a bragging point yet. This can be your favorite question of the week – all you need to do is understand how to work your pipeline.

How to make sure you’re getting that listing every single time.

Direct, fast, and efficient. That’s what you want. This is 100% doable – you just need to make sure you’re ready for it. So many real estate agents are just two steps away from being there. We’ll make sure you take those two steps and the three more you need to really drive it home.

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