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Getting More People To Your Open House – Sherri's Tip of the Month

Every month Sherri shares with you one of her favorite tips!

This month's tip is about getting more people to your open house.

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Thanks for joining us for this month's tip of the month, which is on how do you maximize attendance at an open house?

I can tell you from experience that the open house can be, and should be, your most profitable and most productive two to three hours of your week, if you properly plan, choose the right property and then drive traffic to the open house.

How do you drive traffic to the open house and get the most exposure? Well, you posted on Facebook and send out a Facebook ad and you will get a lot of traffic at that open house. Invite the neighbors. Where there is one listing, two to three more houses are going to list in the next six to 12 months.

Purposefully invite those neighbors. They are going to come to your open house, even if you invite them an hour before. You want to meet those people, they are future leads. These are people who are going to list in the next six to 12 months, potentially, and you want that business six, 12, 18 months from now.

Other ways that you can maximize your open house is to send target postcards out to the move up buyer. I would also maximize your email database and send emails out to your entire database, letting them know that you're holding that house open.

Remember, don't just do the open house to make the seller happy, but use it as one of the best and most original lead generation tools, offline lead tools, that we have in our industry. If you're just doing the open house to make the seller happy, then you're going to get probably a negative outcome.

If you're there to maximize that house and learn how to create more relationships with more people and put more people on your goldmine pipeline, you'll be making it the best two to three hours and the most profitable two to three hours of your week.

I'm Sherri Johnson. Thanks for joining us on this month's tip of the month. I'll see you next month. You rock.




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