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Sherri Johnson is a dynamic, high energy expert in real estate agent, management and brokerage coaching and consulting.  Her unique skill set includes not only being a top-producing agent (top 25 of 1,700), but also an incredibly successful manager, regional vice president and executive with a national top 3 independent broker.

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Agents Wanting Online Coaching

With 90-Day Bootcamp you get expert training in every area you need.

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Agents Needing One-On-One Coaching

Wanting to boost business, grow sales, and expand territories.


Real Estate Executives

Real Estate Executives

Looking for strategic planning, coaching, development and implementation expertise.


Real Estate Experts

Real Estate Experts

Wanting to network, get tools, tips, and guidance at live and engaging events.


Business Professionals

Business Professionals

In need of a dynamic and energetic keynote speaker that can engage an audience.


Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals

Interested in reading tips and advice that I can implement right here, right now.

Why Sherri?

Sherri Johnson is a dynamic and high energy expert in real estate agent, management and brokerage coaching and consulting. Her unique skill set includes not only being a top-producing agent (top 25 of 1,700), but also an incredibly successful manager, regional vice president and executive with a national top 3 independent broker.

Sherri is strong and effective at turnaround and change while simultaneously accelerating results. She trained and coached thousands of agents from new agents from $0-$6+ million in their first year as well as grow agents’ sales over $10M, $20M and even over $50M in annual sales.

She was awarded Top Office Top Region multiple times and Top Affiliated Services award for six consecutive years. Sherri was responsible for over 700 agents and managers with over $1.5 billion in annual sales. Her strategies increased revenue, market share, affiliated business, and profit.

She transformed her region from lowest ranked to consistently the highest and most profitable. She coached her managers to generate over $1.2M in new revenue from new recruits in one year alone. Her drive and unmatched experience produce impactful and lasting results for organizations.

Your Free Strategy Call

How you use your strategy call is entire up to you. Where do you need the most work? What do you need to know to get better? Your questions can range from small to large. But this is YOUR time, 1-on-1 with a strategy coach.

  • How can you drive more leads to your pipeline?
  • What are the best communication strategies a real estate agent can use?
  • How should you be using your open houses?
  • How many calls each week should you make?

The direction you take is your choosing. You know better than anyone what you need to be the best real estate agent you can be.

To get started…just claim your free strategy call here.

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Coaching changes lives. But don’t take our word for it.

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“There are many great things I can say about Sherri Johnson Coaching! As a result of coaching, and the implementation of the GoldMine Pipeline™, my sales this year have nearly DOUBLED from 2019.  As Warren Buffett says, “Associate with high-grade people because you’ll start acting more like them.”  And Sherri Johnson Coaching is truly HIGH-GRADE. Thanks so much Sherri and Jill, the coaching has changed my life!”

Art O.