How To Look Your Best On Zoom

Part of being a real estate agent is being professional. With that being said you always need to dress for success! Today, we will discuss how can you present your best look in a Zoom Meeting. I want to help you make sure you look your best on Zoom!

Today, I'm going to give you some tips about how you can present your best look while on a Zoom meeting. So remember, you are a professional, you need to be dressed for success. I know that it's easy to get very relaxed and feel like everybody's just so relaxed right now. I actually think that there is a huge amount of still, issues with people not appearing properly on Zoom. So I'm going to give you some very easy adjustments you can make in how you look, these are six presentation tips from us. We do this every day. We're on Zoom all the time. We were on Zoom before the pandemic. And it is just so important to make sure you look your best. You are a professional and you want to be aware of these six areas.

So the first thing I'm going to say is, look your best.

We all should be, when we think about appearance, am I properly making the right first impression? Especially if you're meeting people for the first time. You just want to avoid lots of crazy patterns on your outfits and your clothes. Probably plain shirts are probably the best. I mean, I'm wearing a subtle plaid shirt, this is one of my favorite shirts by the way, but you want to dress up and look your best. Okay. Number one, for appearance, I think it's obvious, but sometimes I think I think it's obvious and then I'm shocked when sometimes I see how people get on Zoom. So number one is appearance, always look your best. Number two, the best lighting is going to make you look fantastic.

And I know that Social Light sells lights that are ring lights.

You can also go to Best Buy and buy really inexpensive paddle lights that just cast a great light on you while you are talking to your clients. So you want to make sure that you have a front light right in front of you, right on you. Like I do right now and avoid sitting in front of a window. That is not a good look. It actually casts lots of dark shadows on you and makes it hard for the viewer to see you. Number three, your background. We want to keep anything with movement. We see this all the time with ceiling fans going, people don't realize those are total distractions to the people watching you talk. Or even if you're not talking that, that the person in the Zoom meeting, who's got the van going, distraction. Any people walking, I mean, just all kinds of movement is a distraction, period.

And it's just rude to the people that are in the meeting.

So your background, you want to keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it, like I have a branded sign. You might want to do something like that. Many people use a virtual background, which can look good too. Of course, you want that to be appropriate. And you also want that to be not the one where every time you're moving, you can see everything else. There are some really good virtual backgrounds out there where that doesn't happen. And you actually think those people are in those rooms. I think it's pretty cool. Number four, distance, not too close up to your face. We see this a lot, but not too far away so that you're not straining to get to the microphone.

So you want to keep a good distance between you and your camera.

And while I'm on this topic about distance and appearance and lighting and background, invest if you need to in a high definition camera. Go to Best Buy, get one, you can get one for about $150 or less, and it just makes a total difference versus what is on your laptop. Okay. So if you're doing this a lot, you're talking to clients a lot, go ahead and make the investment of getting a really nice camera. I think it will make a difference. In addition to the distance, we want to make sure when we think about eye level, are we looking up at the camera, looking down, those are not good looks either. So we know when we see that, that somebody is up too close or they're up high and looking down. You must be eye level right here, right at the camera. And you'll have it made. You'll just have it made.

Some people like to stand. Some people like to sit.

If you haven't invested in a good microphone, you might want to, if you're doing a lot of talking, you might want to get a nice mic depending on your device and the laptop on which you are doing these Zooms on. Last, we're going to talk about the environment. It's got to be a quiet place. So keep kids, pets, any type of background noise to a minimum, if you're capable to the best of your ability. Again, it's tough depending on where you're working. If you're at the office, again, a quiet conference room or perhaps your office. Just again, make sure that you're aware of the surroundings behind you. How you look affects how you are received. We know this. Follow these tips to definitely maximize your impression of how you look and the more effective you will be with clients, you will be more professional and you will like what you see.

Just take the few extra steps to get better lighting,

Get better, maybe it's a better background, maybe it's better a camera. And maybe you're just more aware. Sometimes you put your laptop up high, just to get that angle, that exact right eye level. All of these tips are going to help you not only look your best but give you the confidence to do what you do on Zoom and make it happen. So I'm excited because following these steps will create more success for you and create more referrals and make you look and shine and be the bright rockstar agent that you are. So put this into practice and have a great week and a successful week listing and selling houses. I'm Sherri Johnson, you rock and I'll see you soon.


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