Inspire Team Sales by Example

The Speed of the Leader Determines the Rate of the Pack

As a team leader, you are most likely the top producing agent on your team. Your relationships, charisma, knowledge, sales skills and database of clients all contribute to keeping your personal production at a high level, and they inspire the other agents on your team to strive for the same in their careers.

The aspects noted above, however, are not immediately transferable to your agents; they are the results of years of being a high-performing agent, and they may not be easily relatable for agents currently producing at lower levels.

What is relatable to your team on a daily basis is your effort, demonstrating and sharing with your team the daily and weekly commitment to sales activity that you make will help to drive similar efforts from them. This effort, projected to and incorporated by your entire team, will result in overall increased listings and sales for your team.


Here are a few simple, key strategies to being a strong example for your team and to drive more sales:

1. Share your activity goals and results. During your team meetings, besides talking about current listings, sales results and other important information, focus on specific income-producing activities like prospecting calls made, hours spent prospecting, appointments made and kept, etc. Communicate your own personal efforts when doing this—with everything else that you manage as the team leader, showing that you consistently dedicate your time to prospecting and sales is a powerful statement that will resonate with your team.

2. Show yourself in action. Talking is one thing…showing is another. Make a purposeful effort to let your team actually see you engaging in sales activity. You can accomplish this in several ways: posting on your private team Facebook page; sending pictures, videos or messages on a team group text; hosting a consistent weekly prospecting call event; or inviting agents to accompany you on a lunch with an influencer/referral source. When posting or texting, don’t make your messages about “another happy client” or “another home sold.” Instead, make it about new income-producing activities like calling past clients, following up with new leads and setting new appointments. This will go much further in inspiring your team to make the same types of efforts which will eventually turn into finalized sales.

3. Demonstrate useful sales tools. Whether through formal training or by conversational reference and demonstration, show your team how you use sales tools to increase your efficiency and sales success. Examples are the systematic use of a CRM for follow up, branded listing and buyer presentations, or maximizing the impact of social media content (if you haven’t already, check out ACESocial for automated content to your social media feeds). Seeing you employ the systems and tools that you have available for better prospecting and increased conversion will encourage your team to use them as well.

The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack. Your team will follow your lead, so be the example that they need and want. The strategies above will ensure that you effectively leverage your own activities to teach and inspire your team members, and they will each grow their production by emulating your dedication to income-producing real estate sales activity.

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