Maximize Sales Meetings to Communicate Value and Drive Success

4 Ways Sales Meetings can Communicate Value and Drive Success

Let’s face it: The speed of the leader (you) determines the rate of the pack (your sales team). It’s imperative to create impactful, high-energy weekly sales meetings that will make your agents want to attend and experience the value you deliver. If your meeting has 20, 40 or 80 agents together for one hour, that’s 20 – 80 hours of “non-selling” time—so you better be providing tremendous value in exchange for their time.

Strategies for Communicating Value

Here are four influential strategies for communicating value that will not only increase attendance but also drive more listings and sales while creating an amazing culture of teamwork and camaraderie.

Create a Cadence of Success

Motivate, encourage and challenge your team. Communicate monthly office goals for listings and sales, and provide a report each week of actual results. Recognize as many people as possible. Build accountability for everyone so that as they see others succeed, they, too, will feel like they’re contributing to the team’s goals (or should be…). Challenge your team on how the rest of their month is going to look for them. You will have a great pulse on what’s going on in your office and market.

It’s the Best Networking Event of the Week

If you’re doing this right, you will actually sell homes during your meetings. Your sales meeting is the place your agents come together to match buyer and seller clients and make sales happen. Facilitate the conversation for them to announce new and coming soon listings, as well as share buyer needs as a powerhouse sales team. Watch the energy of your team grow as they put sales together right in your bullpen.

It’s Showtimesales meeting

If you think about it, your sales meeting is really your biggest listing appointment of your week. Always reinforce your value. Remind agents of the amazing sales and marketing tools and other advantages that you offer. Re-engage and re-recruit them, highlighting the value you provide as their manager (you’re 100-percent committed to their success) and brokerage (they can’t get this at another company). They will leave craving more information, and never miss one of your meetings because you make such a difference by adding amazing value to their business.

Add Value: Show Them, Don’t Tell Them

Cover at least one sales skill on how to negotiate better, convert more leads into appointments, or even practice better scripts to compete for listings. Demonstrate one or two of your unique broker marketing and technology tools that will help them list and sell at the highest level and compete at the top of their game during that week. Show them how—don’t just tell them where to find the tool; show them how to actually use it on appointments and with clients. By doing this, you will create more closers and increase listings and sales.

When you combine these strategies on purpose, as the sales-driven leader, you will be creating great momentum that conveys your high level of professional excellence. Everyone will want to attend your sales meetings, as they will be contributing to and benefiting from your amazing leadership. This type of meeting builds incredible culture and loyalty, as well as attracts new agents to your team.

These are just a few of my proven and exclusive leadership strategies that produce amazing results quickly. For a copy of the Sherri Johnson Sales Meeting Planner and Sales Meeting Self Assessment, contact us here.  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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