Certified Real Estate Coaches

Jill Katzenberg

Jill Katzenberg was destined to be an entrepreneur in sales…she just didn’t know it. Moving to Cleveland from the East Coast for a job with a planning and architecture firm, Jill got to experience how cool it was to live and work downtown before it was cool. However, life has a way of showing us what our paths should really be. So when the 14-year-old firm had to shut its doors as a result of one of our national recessions, Jill, after living in town for a little more than a year and barely knowing anyone, had to figure out what her next course of action would be (while she was perfecting her suntan on her apartment complex’s sundeck). With the encouragement from her father (who was an entrepreneur all his life), Jill decided to develop a career in real estate sales and the rest, as they say, is history. Through hard work and creative marketing, Jill was able to build her real estate practice to the extent that she had to hire a staff of four and became known throughout the Cleveland area for her successful skills in getting the job done for her buyer and seller clients, averaging up to 100 sales a year. The ultimate reward, though, was in 2002 when opportunity knocked and she took the risk, along with 8 other courageous real estate professionals, to bring Keller Williams Realty, a totally unknown entity, to the Cleveland area. Starting with 24 agents December 5, 2002, the brokerage has grown to over 2000 agents in the area with Keller Williams Realty’s becoming the largest real estate company internationally.

Currently, Jill helps those who want to grow their businesses through repeat and referral business with a “tangible touch” tool known as SendOutCards. She is passionate about the power of keeping in touch (The fortune is in the follow-up), and with this high-tech/high-touch system, she offers businesses of all sizes a way to keep in front of their prospects and clients with real cards, gifts and/or gift cards selected and/or created from their smartphones or computers.

When she is not helping others grow their businesses, she is busy either exploring cultural treasures (both within and outside of Cleveland), salsa dancing or getting to the gym to burn off those calories that seem to creep up.

Nicole Mountain

The feeling that I get when someone learns a new skill or concept that furthers their careers is indescribable to me. I love to see others succeed.

My love of marketing and advertising also began at a very young age. I was the teenager who perused the pages of Vogue for the ads and pinned many of them to my bulletin board. These two passions would later join to form my niche in real estate coaching and training: prospecting marketing, advertising, and social media.

I entered the real estate industry in 2013 after many years in the Medical and Pharmaceutical field. I worked for the largest, private, real estate company in the country. Recruiting and hiring over 400 newly licensed agents per year, one of my main focuses was new agent training. Helping a newly licensed agent to overcome their inner fears and jump-start their businesses into successful careers was one and is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. But my responsibility didn’t end with new agent training. Year over year real estate agents are challenged with the task of staying relevant in an ever-changing environment. Seasoned sales veterans are eager to learn how to use the latest technology, organize their book of business in a CRM, and learn the latest social media trends and apps. I consistently developed and taught classes to assist sales professionals in branding themselves, helping them to stand out in a competitive and sometimes overly saturated market.

Many sales professionals struggle to find the time to organize their business or to create succession plans for themselves. To meet this demand, I developed and taught many courses in time management, CRM, prospecting, and business planning. All these courses were designed to help agents to do what they do best; sell.

In 2020 I joined a national franchise real estate company that had previously hired predominantly seasoned agents. I successfully created and developed a New Agent Training Program to allow newly licensed agents to join this highly productive brokerage.  Additionally, I developed and taught social media marketing classes which helped agents to stay top-of-mind with their customers and sphere of influence.

I joined Sherri’s Coaching team as a Strategy Coach so that I can help you to become the neighborhood name in your market, and to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. In addition to my experience, I also hold several degrees in the fields above. I hold a Master of Science Degree in Training & Development and a Master of Arts Degree in Advertising and Marketing. When I am not teaching you can find me in the kitchen or with my husband and two rescue dogs.