Optimizing Your Facebook Page to Promote Your Services

Learn how to optimize your Facebook page to promote your services!

Hey there, it's Sherri and I'm back with another tip today. This tip is going to be about Facebook and how to make a quick adjustment in Facebook business pages that you probably don't know about. Most agents select the business page template. There's a template called business. And typically you would select that.

I am going to suggest that you select the services template, and this will allow you to start promoting separate services that you provide. For example, the first would be an exclusive home buyer guide, the exclusive Sherri Johnson Real Estate Home Buyer Guide, free guide that has everything you need to know about buying a home.

Another could be enroll in the exclusive Sherri Johnson Buyer Program. A third one could be, marketing your home successfully with the Sherri Johnson exclusive Marketing Your Home Successfully Guide. Another could be to offer a free market analysis, offer a free or obtain a free pre-approval.

You can also offer new construction sales, and development if someone's interested in new construction and you can certainly showcase your luxury marketing, if you are doing luxury in the high-end, I think you'd want to say that. You want to actually put that out there, that you are a luxury home marketing specialist. So all of these services can be separated and individualized in Facebook. Right now, if you don't have the services template, you can't do that. So I want you to go change the template to services. It will not change anything on your Facebook business page. Once that happens, you can start adding services.

You can go into a graphics editor like Canva

and create a graphic for each one of those services as well. And you can promote these on your Facebook business page. It's a great way to help market the services that you provide and be subtle about it.

And then everything should say, book appointment now. So you can write in the action button under your Facebook business page, it should say book Sherri now. So hopefully you'll go put this into action and again, market your services instead of just your properties.

So get into Facebook, make those small adjustments. It won't take you along, create the services that you want to promote and go make it happen and maximize Facebook for more lead generation. I'm Sherri Johnson. And I look forward to your next tip of the day.

I'll see you soon. Have a great week.


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