Playbook for Leading Successful Real Estate Teams

Playbook for Leading Successful Real Estate Teams

Like many of you, I just spent my Sunday night watching the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. As the game ended and the post-game punditry ensued, I heard a fascinating observation that, of course, made me think of real estate and successful real estate teams.

The comment came from Steve Young, a Hall of Fame quarterback and current NFL commentator, and he shared his opinion that the MVP of this year’s game was not a player at all, but actually the winning coach, Bill Belichick. He stated that while everyone on the winning team played a part, the game plan and in-game adjustments that were made by the coach were pivotal to the overall success of the winning team.

Sounds a lot like running a successful real estate team!

Leading a Successful Real Estate Team

Real Estate Team

Real Estate Team

As a real estate team leader, owner and rainmaker your job is to create the game plan, call the plays, make adjustments, coach your agents to successful sales calls and help them recover from fumbles that sometimes occur in the day to day life of selling real estate. The Speed of the Leader (you) does determine the rate of the pack. It also leads to successful, winning teams. When I think of the most highly successful, productive real estate teams, they have a lot in common with a winning Super Bowl team, the players and the head coach.

Go in with a game plan, including knowing your opponents. Both of this year’s teams had high powered offenses. What does your offensive plan look like for 2019? Do you have one? Are you continually playing defense? I have heard it said many times that the best defense is a better offense. Know your numbers and know what you have to do to win the game.

Things to Consider When Being the Head Coach of Your Real Estate Team:

Take advantage of all of your team members’ strengths

Merely having a superstar quarterback does not ensure success by itself. It takes everyone working together. Did you see the linemen at work? The receivers? The defensive backfield? Everyone played their part, and the coach was the one calling the plays and having the right people do the work. Maximize your team member’s contacts, networks, talents, and skills and share them with your team. Success breeds more success.

Make “in-game” adjustments

If something’s working, keep it up. If something’s not, change. During one offensive series, the Patriots seemingly ran the same play over and over because it was working. Consistency and repetition in sales agent’s behavior are keys for building success with your team. Create the repeatable system and teach your agents to maximize it daily for sales results.

Minimize mistakes

The winning team had 3 penalties. The losing team had 9. That’s the result of good coaching and good team discipline. Work with your agents to adjust their scripts and review your marketing material. It may be outdated or not relevant. Update it and train your agents to master the strategies so they can convert more leads into appointments and more appointments into sales and closings.

Coaching Real Estate

Coaching Real Estate Teams


Don’t get frustrated by challenges

Tom Brady’s first pass was an interception. Did he stop throwing the ball? No. Practice, practice, practice makes PROS. It is through routine practice and discipline that your agents will refine their sales skills and make it happen.

Team leaders in real estate are like a winning football coach.  Whether you are a football fan or not, and regardless of whether or not your favorite team won, lessons from this year’s Super Bowl can help your real estate team become champions in the game of real estate.

How can we help you with your team?  Just give us a call – send me in coach!

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