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Every great success story always has two things – a hero…and a coach. It’s the classic “Hero’s Journey”. You are the hero…we are the coach, the mentor, the helper, here to aide you on your way. But where are you going? And how are you going to get there?

In real estate you’re either making sales or you’re wondering how your bills are going to get paid. It’s a “feast or famine” kind of industry and we’re here to make sure every is your own personal Thanksgiving. How? That’s the fun part…but it depends on where you are in your career.


New Agent Real Estate Coaching Bootcamp

With new agents you’re excited, you passed your test, you’ve found a brokerage firm, and now…it’s time to go. But where do you start? Why does everyone else seem to have a goldmine pipeline of leads while you have a light trickle?

A brokerage will not always give you the training and expertise you need so you can dominate your market. Some of it will come easily, but some of it will take a little bit of work. This is why we created the New Agent Bootcamp.

This is a 90 Day program built from the ground up that you can use to get started in real estate. In this 90-day series you will see how to:

  1. Find the best listings
  2. Build Relationships with Loyal Buyers
  3. Deliver knockout presentations
  4. Use Social Media to Own your Areas
  5. Create and Execute Successful Marketing Campaigns

The best of the best always have a mentor behind the scenes helping guide and coach them to success. Make sure you’re starting out with a coach that knows exactly what you’re up against.

one on one real estate agent coaching

One-on-One Real Estate Agent Coaching

You’ve seen some stuff, you’ve been around, but you’re still having a hard time meeting or exceeding your goals. You know where you want to be, but you can’t seem to get over that hump.

With UNLIMITED access to libraries, files, videos, role plays, checklists, systems and scripts – you get what you need to succeed. But that’s not all, because recorded coaching isn’t really coaching.

This is live One-on-One coaching from a seasoned and professional realtor. Someone that knows the exact situations and problems that you face. Work One-on-One with a hand-picked coach to find where you need help. Then get solutions custom tailored to your needs, and your strengths. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” coaching program. Your coaching is about you. Your coaching is as unique as you. The needs you face day-to-day guide the solutions you get. This is a custom, personalized real estate agent coaching program.

Exclusive Real Estate Coaching Programs

Built from the ground up with producing results in mind.

The programs we’ve created are designed to meet the needs of real estate agents at various stages in their career. They were developed by a top-producing agent (top 25 of 1,700), a successful manager, regional vice president and executive with a national top 3 independent broker.

They were built in house while being proven and refined over the course of decades, to weed out the stuff that’s not important and focus on what matters. Designed to get agents up to speed and producing results quickly, efficiently, and without hassle.

These tools and systems have trained and coached thousands of agents from new agents from $0-$6+ million in their first year as well as grow agents’ sales over $10M, $20M and even over $50M in annual sales.

Not everyone wants coaching.

Everyone wants to succeed.

Let’s make sure you’re finding the success you deserve.

When you partner with a certified coach you’re not getting someone who is telling you what to do. You’re getting a partner and mentor that has seen the ins and outs of the real estate industry. Someone that knows how to foster accountability and action providing laser focus on strategies that work.

Time is important. Your time is priceless. You can spend it trying to figure out how to get over the hurdles and deal with the challenges. Or you can spend it with someone showing you how to not just get deal with them – but to avoid them. Everyone makes mistakes. This is your chance to learn from the mistakes and the successes of others.

A coach will work with you, understand your unique market, you unique situations, and (most importantly) your unique goals. Coaching sets you apart from the pack and fast-tracks you through the problems that everyone faces and puts you in a position to take control of your career and your goals.

Everything in life is a choice. This is your time to choose success.

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