Refocus Your Strategy to Make $50k This Week

Fill your GoldMine Pipeline™ for More 2020 Income and Production

It is approaching eight months since major changes permeated our society and real estate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shortly into this altered reality, I challenged agents and my coaching clients to update their strategies and focus on producing real estate sales through mindful adjustments and purposeful effort.

Thankfully, those efforts paid off for many, assisted by a fortuitous resurgence in real estate transactions along with historically low financing rates. As we now head into the final months of 2020, it is a good time to review the shifts in activity that we recommended earlier in the year to make sure that we finish strong while creating immediate income. These activities are designed to produce $50k in total income from one week’s effort, so it will be worth your while to put them into action!

1. Update Your Final Goals and Strategies

Where does your business stand in actual production versus your 2020 goals? Whatever adjustments in goals and strategies that you implemented in the spring, update them for the home stretch. The same general approach that you had when recalibrating in March should still be used now—make your final business plan; if you are behind pace, sell one or two extra houses per month moving forward. If you set your mind to it, it can and will happen, and you have the agility to move quickly and implement different strategies to reach your goals.


2. Double Down on Your New Business Prospecting

As recommended before, you have to keep doubling down on your prospecting activities and calls. When your desire to win is greater than the pain of losing or not making that income goal, you will try things you have never done. You will make warm calls, cold calls, call expired listings and pretty much try anything new that has the potential to get you new business. Remember, successful agents make it happen, pandemic or no pandemic. And when you are done making your calls…make ten more calls! You’re on fire, you feel awesome and you will be at the top of your game, and always remember: Success breeds more success!

3. Reconnect With Your Sphere on Video or Facebook Live

Agents who are reaching out to their clients, friends and spheres of influence on video and Facebook Live are standing out. It is as easy as showing your community you care about them and letting them know at least three great pieces of amazing news about the real estate market. Keep your messages brief and, most importantly, positive. Your videos will convey your enthusiasm, confidence and genuine care for others. Be sure to directly ask to be contacted for listings, sales and referrals.

 4. Call Expireds, Right Now

Expired listings are the very best, free, qualified leads available to you and the easiest to convert. With a proven strategy, you can convert one to two expired listings a month, and that is a huge increase of income for you. If you would like schedule your FREE 30-minute strategy call now, we can help you with the script strategy and how to deliver it for maximum results and securing you a listing appointment on the first call.

5. 10 Calls, $10,000 Mentality: Conduct a Daily Hour of Power to Make Calls

Whether you call expireds, for sale by owners, leads on your GoldMine Pipeline™, open house leads from 6-10 months ago, online leads from inquiries on your listings, your past clients or your sphere, make a plan to make calls every day. The goal of these calls? To make new client opportunities for yourself. Whatever your average earned commission is—let’s say $5,000—make 10 calls and believe that at least one of those calls will result in a buyer. Ten calls = $5,000. And that buyer probably has a house they need to sell, so it’s really: 10 calls = $10,000. If your average commission earned is $10,000, it would look more like 10 calls = $10,000 and with a double sale, it would be 10 calls = $20,000. Everyone always thinks it sounds better when I say it, but isn’t this reality possible? Of course it is, but you have to first believe it will happen and then get after it!


Remember, you always have the ability to change your strategy and hit your goals. Refocus your team’s efforts now to build two to three times the amount of potential business in your pipeline that you need by the end of the year, and you will get there. Start immediately with the steps above, stay focused and generate $50,000 in business immediately. Now is the time—you can do it!

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