Relaunching Leads – Sherri’s Tip of the Month

Relaunching Leads – Sherri's Tip of the Month

Every month Sherri shares with you one of her favorite tips, for this month it is about relaunching leads!

This month's tip is about how to tie down appointments!

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I'm so glad you're joining us today for this month's tip of the month, relaunching leads in your database.

So agents always say to me, “I have all these leads. I don't know what to do with them.” If you don't have a drip campaign to follow up with those leads, you need to create one today. And what does that mean? Well, take a look at how many leads you have in your CRM. These leads came in on a property last year, last month, last week, it doesn't matter if they've been in there even for two years.

I have worked with agents and we have relaunched their leads to themselves. Meaning we have sent out a message to these people saying, “Hey, I'm just checking in. Are you still thinking about making a move? If you are, contact me personally at this number,” and you put your cell phone number in there.

That's it. No fancy graphics, just an email from you that says, “Hey, I'm just checking in. Are you still thinking about making a move? If you are, please call me directly.” That's it. That's all you have to do is send this out to 900 leads, 1000 leads, whatever's in your database.

When you do this on a regular basis, you will be surprised at how many people actually reply back to you and say, “Yes, I have not bought a house yet and I'm still interested. And I'd like to work with you.”

Again, consistency is key.

You have all these leads that you're just sitting at. Maybe those people didn't want to buy the first time they emailed you, maybe they weren't ready, or they were just starting out and gathering information. You are sitting on a goldmine of leads and as you know, opportunities are not lost, they go to someone else.

So take advantage of those leads that are sitting in your database right now, today and say, “I'm going to take and put into action, a followup plan monthly, at least monthly, if not two times, three times a month.” You will turn those leads into listings and buyers, and more importantly, income for yourself. I hope you've enjoyed this. I hope you take this advice. I hope you run with it.

And I look forward to hearing your success stories and seeing you on next month's tip of the month. I'm Sherri Johnson and you rock.


Sherri is CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 25 years of experience in real estate as an agent, broker, and executive, Sherri now offers her proven strategies through coaching, consulting and keynote speaking services nationwide. She is a national speaker for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour and is the Official Real Estate Coach for McKissock Learning and Real Estate Express. She is also a preferred national coach for multiple Top-10 national real estate brokers, and has been named a RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker in 2020 and 2021 as an Industry Influencer and Thought Leader. 

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