Success in Real Estate Starts With Great Coaching

Start with a free coaching call that you can set up right here, right now. This isn’t some sales pitch. It’s just you, an experienced coach, and your strategy. Now you can dig in to the knowledge and skills needed to make sure you reach your goals…

For free.

Create a Goldmine Pipeline of predictable, consistent, monthly income

Get everything from the basics of setup to the communication strategies you need to keep your pipeline active, engaged, and interested in your properties and the value that you add to their home buying and selling process.

Turn leads into income with a Value-Driven Sales script and persuasive communication style

The old saying “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” does not apply to real estate agents. If you don’t say the right thing your potential client will walk away and go to someone who says the right thing. So make sure your scripts are buttoned up and perfect.

Generate new leads through Social Media, Online Marketing and Video

Facebook, Twitter, “Insta”, Snapchat…there is always a new tool coming up. But are you using these tools effectively? Create manageable, workable, and (more importantly) valuable communication strategies for multiple social channels that drive people to your open-houses, and potential to your pipeline.

Track your lead conversions with a simple, yet proven Accountability System

Where are your leads coming from? Where are your most effective neighborhoods and areas? Knowing this is the key to maximizing your time and maximizing your income. This means you can spend less time bogged down in the minutia and more time being profitable.

WIN every listing with an aggressive and creative Marketing & Pricing Strategy

You can’t make the sale if you can snag the listing. Make sure every listing that comes your way is a almost guaranteed win. What steps do you need to take to turn a “maybe” (or even a “not right now”) into a “Here’s my key for the lockbox.”

Gain buyer loyalty with a relationship-based presentation to convert every buyer

Relationships are EVERYTHING in real estate. Nobody wants to work with a realtor that they don’t like. Make sure you know how own the conversations, dominate the communications, and build the relationships with clients that have them doing your marketing for you.

Build Your Foundation for Success, Today

During your call you can go over whatever you need to make sure you’re successful. Your situations are unique, and your free coaching call reflect that.

You’re One Click Away…

With one click you have the potential to make a change. With one click you can correct what’s gone askew in your real estate game. By sitting down and talking with a former Top 25 agent, broker, and executive you can figure out what needs to happen to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

How Will Coaching Help?


Get a Free Live 1-on-1 Coaching Session

This free coaching session covers what you need and only what you need to improve, live, over the phone, when you can.

Find ways YOU can use in YOUR market to grow leads

Your market is unique to you as are your needs. Get help that relates to you and the issues that you face.

Discuss Strategies and Methods to GROW your Career

Everyone can always use a little more advice and coaching to help improve. Get tips from an experience real estate executive on how to take your next leaps.

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