Sherri Johnson’s article on maximizing sales meetings is featured in RISMedia!

In her article “4 Ways to Maximize Sales Meetings to Communicate Value and Drive Sales,” Sherri emphasizes the importance of impactful sales meetings to the success of any business:

Let’s face it: The speed of the leader (you) determines the rate of the pack (your sales team). It’s imperative to create impactful, high-energy weekly sales meetings that will make your agents want to attend and experience the value you deliver.”

She outlines four strategies that will increase team member’s motivation and overall success. These include creating a cadence of success, making meetings the best networking event of the week, reinforcing your own value, and showing your team instead of telling.

“When you combine these strategies on purpose, as the sales-driven leader, you will be creating great momentum that conveys your high level of professional excellence. Everyone will want to attend your sales meetings, as they will be contributing and benefiting from your amazing leadership. This type of meeting builds incredible culture and loyalty, as well as attracts new agents to your team.”

Read more about these four proven steps and how you can add value to your sales meetings in Sherri’s article:

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