Shout It from the Rooftops!

Share and promote great news to keep sales momentum going

The market is hot, interest rates are historically low, and both your team and your clients are increasingly comfortable with whatever adjustments are going on in our everyday lives. In a year like no other, now is the time to loudly and proudly share everything positive in our market to bolster your clients’ confidence, propel your team to increasing sales, and have an amazing second half of the year to meet and exceed your sales and income goals.Here are some things to do immediately to keep listings and sales happening.


Call Your Sphere:  You are the ambassador to the real estate industry for your sphere, and they are counting on you to keep them informed of industry developments that may affect them. I can’t tell you how many clients have said over the years, “I wish you would have told me to buy or sell during that time.” Well, with the increase in sales activity and financing affordability, now is that time, so wouldn’t it be great to call them with positive news right now? Of course it would! Commit to making a set number of calls each day or week. Write down your goal and then track your calls and your results. I have worked with thousands of agents and I promise you that if you do this one thing, you will generate new listings and sales. I often say, “Ten calls = $10,000” because on average you will pick up one or two new sales for every ten calls that you make to your known database. If your typical sales price is higher than normal, those ten calls might be worth $20,000 or more! This simple task will immediately create new activity and new income for you, so start doing this now if you are not already.

Arm Your Team:  Make it easy for your team to share good news by creating a weekly bullet point list of positive items to use in their communications. This does not have to be overwhelming—maybe just 3-5 valuable tidbits that will generate interest and inspire new listings and sales. Make it a mix of general and specific items, like overall market increases nationwide, projections for increased sales, low mortgage rates, and specific transactions that your team has done that illustrate market success. Provide this this during weekly meetings with your team, or at the very least through email. Be consistent in providing this so that your team has reliable, relevant information to share on an ongoing basis. 


Use Social Media:  Use your personal and business Facebook pages and any other social media platforms to share both positive general market updates and your own team’s individual success stories. Ask your recent clients to provide testimonial quotes that support listing or selling a home now and doing it with your team. Keep your messages confident, upbeat, and designed to inspire new clients immediately! If you don’t have an in-house marketing person or would like a simple and effective way to consistently post relevant real estate information, consider signing up for RISMedia’s ACESocial branded content. This service is available to keep you connected with your sphere through social media and will support your role as their #1 source for real estate guidance. Many of my coaching clients use this service, and agents nationwide can try it out for free for 14 days by clicking here

Exciting times are here in real estate again, so take advantage of all the positive developments in the current market to benefit your clients, drive your team, and achieve maximum sales and income results in the next 90 days and through the end of 2020.

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