The Secrets Top Selling Agents webinar

 Make $50,000 at your Next Open House


Did you miss my Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar?

Good news! If you missed my Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar on February 28th, you can still watch it below!


Learn the strategies to properly plan, promote and execute the most profitable and productive 3 hours of your week! Discover 6 powerful value-added closing scripts to convert more open house leads into listing appointments, closed sales and income. Develop your own style with aggressive techniques that give you the ability to win over even the toughest open house leads into an appointment, right at the open house. You will learn to maximize your open houses for results and master the strategy of making $50,000 or more at your next open house, realizing that open houses are still an incredible source of free leads when you execute my unique “$50k Open House Sales Plan”.