Success Plan to Accelerate New Agent Sales

Accelerate New Agent Sales With A Success Plan

As the manager or broker, you have just recruited a talented group of new agents and want to see them pass the test and then launch instantly into a flood of listing and sales activity.  This can and should happen if you provide them with the plan and direction as the leader.   Coaching agents is critical. The best way to ‘hit the ground running’ is to set up your new agent with a specific daily routine and Success Plan of action that helps them become producing agents quickly.  They will be making money and thrive.

Creating a Success Plan

Here are some best practices for creating immediate success with your new agents.  Helping your agents create a Success Plan that launches their confidence, production and sales.

Create a personal Business Plan 

The first step in creating a Success Plan is creating a business plan. Based on your agent’s income goals and needs, meet with your agent and write a business plan on how much money they must, would like to, and would LOVE to make.  Put on paper what the plan is for achieving those results. Identify the 3-4 methods of prospecting the agent will conduct for new listing and buyer clients. Set them off to action doing the items you each agreed to and include a due date for completing.  Give them specific tasks to do to create listing and buyer opportunities for themselves.

Focus the new agent’s attention on getting at least 3 new listings in the first 60 days

Success Plan

Success Plan

We all know wonderful things happen when you are the listing agent. Besides getting most of the credit for the sale, listing agents last and sell the most.  If your new agents realize early on that listings are where it’s at and they produce more buyers, and additional opportunities, they will go after the listing side of the business and not spend too much time with buyers which is really maximizing their time and set them up for immediate success.  This is a critical focus of the Success Plan.

Hold Open Houses in the right price points with listing opportunities

Make sure your new agents are holding the right houses open each week that attract move up buyers that will have a house to sell and become a listing opportunity for them.  Have them watch my “Make $50K at your next open house” webinar that gives amazing and easy to implement strategies on how to make $50,000 at their next open house with the right script strategies to convert more leads into income.

Teach them how to prospect Expired and FSBOs

New agents will try anything, and they should.  Provide them with a good script strategy that will help them get appointments.  Ask for a copy of their calls and results to hold them accountable. Make the calls with them or go on appointments scheduled or not, to help.  These are FREE leads that are interested in selling their homes. Proactively go after these leads and again, set them up for success.

Meet with them weekly

Hold a New Agent Meeting with anyone who hasn’t sold 24 houses in two years or has been in the business for less than 2 years.  This creates momentum and a cadence of accountability with your new agents and they develop relationships with each other sharing successes and brainstorming challenges together as a team.  This meeting should be weekly and never canceled. The broker or manager is responsible for creating the environment for success to happen.

Creating a Success Plan with your agents can reap big rewards for both the Manager/Broker as well as the new agent.  Spend the first week getting your Success Plan formulated and recorded.  Then, implement for true success for the team.

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