The 1st Quarter is Over – What’s The Score?

See Where Your Team Stands Now and Make Adjustments to Drive Sales and Win

Winning teams—both in sports and in real estate—not only have a game plan that they execute consistently, but they also keep track of the score and make adjustments as needed. So with one quarter down in 2021, it’s time to check the scoreboard, assess what’s working and what’s not, and either keep charging ahead or make some changes in strategy.

Schedule a meeting with your team now and follow these three steps to ensure that you stay on track for a winning 2021 in real estate:

Check the scoreboard. Whether based upon your last year’s numbers or upon the goals that you set for this year, where does your team and each individual agent currently stand based on first quarter production? It is important to know your key metrics, such as new listings, new sales, volume closed and income earned. If you are ahead of pace, fantastic! Keep doing what you’ve been doing. If you are behind pace, don’t panic; there is a lot of year left, and you can definitely turn it around.

Review what happened. Three months is a relatively small sampling to work with, but you can still glean valuable insights by quickly breaking down what worked so far this year and what didn’t. Did you and your team follow the plan that you set up at the beginning of the year? Did you make the calls, gain the appointments and listings, and hold the accountability meetings that you intended to? Take a hard look at the dollar-producing activities that actually happened: phone calls, new client appointments and listing gained. Consistent execution in those areas typically correlates very closely with results.

Make adjustments and keep going. For any activities that fell short in the effort category, renew your commitment to doing the work on a daily and weekly basis. If you need to change some of those activities because they clearly are not producing results, then do so, but be careful not to abandon tried-and-true strategies that just didn’t work in the short run; it may be more a case of practicing your specific approach or delivery than an issue with the activity itself.

Regardless of whether your results so far are ahead or behind of where you want them, reviewing your first quarter results will have a positive impact on the rest of your year. So pull your team together, see where you are at and adjust as necessary, then do the work every single day to drive results and create a winning 2021 in the three remaining quarters!

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