The Answer is Now!

The Answer is Now!

When someone asks “When should I list my home?” or “When should I buy a home”, you should always have the same answer: Now is a perfect time to list/sell a home! Welcome back to the Tip of the Day. At Today's topic is really a great one for me. The answer is now, and when people ask you, when is the best time to buy, or when is the best time to list my home, right?


I mean, the thing that we are completely passionate about, this real estate thing that we do, right?

It's always the best time to buy or sell. Now I realize given their situations, and their life, and their families, and things that are going on in their personal lives, it may not be the right time. I get that. But when people are looking to you, right, like their stockbroker, like their financial advisor in real estate, when you give them a confident answer and you say, “Actually now is a perfect time to list or sell,” right, “It may be in your best financial interest to list now and not wait. Let's have a conversation. What's better for you. Thursday at five or Saturday at 10? I'd love to come over and see your home.”

Every day be sure that you know two or three relevant reasons why right now is a good time to buy or sell.

So that right now could be buying power and interest rates. The fact that their home could be valued right now is higher than it will be for a long time. Right? I'm happy to give you a free market analysis and get you a free pre-approval so that you can see how much you can afford and what today's market value is of your home, by the way, in its as is condition.

So again, have two to three relevant reasons why right now would be a good time for them to consider moving.

It doesn't mean that they're going to, but what is your answer, right? I mean, do you have a positive answer? Do you have enthusiasm? When you use enthusiasm, right, I am already sold myself. So I-A-S-M. I-A-S-M. At the end of enthusiasm is I am already sold myself. So what does that mean? To you when you are enthusiastic in conversation with people, it means that you're sharing that same confidence in saying what's so great about the market. Know what your office is listing. This could be another tip of the day, but think about it, if one of the relevant pieces of information you know is that your office just listed $14 million for the month, and it's only half of the month, right?

That would be something relevant to share.

If you know that the average sale price in your office is up by 30%, that would be something to share. So make sure you are enthusiastic, prepared, and that you are sharing relevant information, because that will help you compete at a higher level and have conversations that really could be a game changer for lots of people you know, and people you don't know, right? When people ask you, when is the best time to buy or sell? You should have a good answer immediately, which is right now, right? It's always the best time to buy or sell.

Know the information, speak with confidence, speak with authority.

You are truly an ambassador. You're invaluable to these people in their decisions to buy or sell. And so, speak that way, because of you, right, because of you and the answer that they give you, they're looking to you for guidance and advice. And so I hope you use this and I hope you remember the answer is now, right? Now's the best time to buy or sell. How can I help you? And let's go make it happen. Go have a great listing and sales month. I'm Sherri Johnson. You rock, I'll see you soon. Bye bye.

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