The Power of “We”

How to Communicate the Value of Your Team to Win More Clients

When speaking with potential clients, you are doing more than learning about their needs and sharing your knowledge—you are also selling yourself as their best option for using a real estate agent.

Team leaders and members should be highlighting their team affiliation as part of this process. You chose to be part of your team for a variety of reasons; communicating those reasons to potential clients will add to your value and increase the number of prospects that you convert to actual buyers and sellers.

Here are three proven tips for team members to win more clients while discussing real estate:

1. Say ‘we’ more often. Instead of, “Here’s what I can do for you,” say “Here’s what we can do for you.” This simple adjustment when explaining how you can help potential clients will increase your perceived value, especially if the potential clients are also considering working with other agents. Working “we” into the conversation lets your audience know that you are bringing an entire team of people along with you to fulfill their real estate needs—and doing so at no additional cost to them. It is a powerful word and can help set you apart and raise your service above your competition.

2. Give examples of team benefits for clients. As you speak with potential clients, reference specific examples of how being part of a team has benefited your past clients. If you have marketing support, talk about something special that they did to help sell a home, or talk about how you learned of a homecoming on the market from a team member before it hit the MLS. Whatever special personnel or services that your team offers, drop at least one of them into your conversation to show how your team membership can specifically give the client an advantage.

3. Reinforce your role as their personal agent. At the same time you are referencing your team with potential clients, you must also solidify that you will be their primary agent. Real estate, at the end of the day, is a personal business, and clients will primarily hire you because they want you as their agent. Your team is a benefit and a differentiator, but do not to lean too heavily on that. Keep making personal connections with them and reinforce what you will do for them individually. When they eventually choose who they will work with, you will have the double advantage of winning them over personally as well as bringing the added value of your team.

Always remember that you chose to be affiliated with a team of real estate professionals to both strengthen your career and to add to the value that you provide to clients. Communicate that using the tips discussed above, and you will create more interest and convert more prospects into active buyers and sellers!



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