The Right Mindset will bring Dramatic Results

Adopt the winning mindset that will change your life and bring successful results! 

Agents, Team Leaders and Broker Owners ask me all the time “How do I adopt the right mindset to produce more success and more results?” and they ask, “What is the secret to developing a winning mindset that will create more success for my team and agents for higher production and income without burning out?”  I am always very excited and passionate to talk about ‘Mindset’, what it means, how to practice and exercise the right, winning mindset and how to keep it for long-term success. Here are some proven methods that will help create or further develop your mindset for increased success, listings, sales and ultimately the income you want and deserve!  


Oxford Languages defines the word ‘mindset’ as “the established set of attitudes held by someone”.  So, I ask you the following questions:  What is your attitude right now about your business? About your year, about the month you had or are having this month? about the remaining days left in the year?    What is your attitude about the future of your business? what is your attitude about the future of your listings, sales and income for next year and beyond, about your pipeline of potential business? 


 If you haven’t thought about these questions lately, you should be thinking about them weekly and daily.  What you believe will manifest itself, both good and bad into your life.  Let’s look at some ways you can create the best winning mindset right now and take your success to an entirely new level for work life balance and hitting all the wild and amazing goals you have to conquer!


 Apply these Winning Mindset strategies that you and your team can implement right now that will create appointments, listings, sales and income for the next 30, 60 and 90 days:  


 1. Inhale Confidence and Exhale Doubt

High Confidence breeds more success.  It is important for you to believe in yourself and be your biggest fan.  You are totally capable of achieving whatever you wish you just have to be the first (and sometimes only one) who believes you can do anything you set your mind to achieve.  Now, with confidence you just have to put your plan in action. 

  2. See yourself already achieving your goal in your head

Dr. Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind” and it’s paramount for you to see yourself already at the finish line and already achieving the goal.  Ask yourself “How will it feel when I hit that goal?”, “What will I do to celebrate or reward myself for this achievement?”, “What can I do once I hit this goal?”.  All of these beliefs can manifest into your success and will when you visually see yourself already doing it.  When you pick up your cell phone aka ‘the money maker’, you should say to yourself I am going to get at least 3-4 appointments and new clients from these calls I am about to make right now.  I promise, it works.  Let’s go.

3. Stay Positive

 Get rid of negativity and put on the blinders.  Stay out of the office gossip and negativity that sometimes exists, derails you and be a total time and energy suck.  You can keep your attitude positive no matter what is happening around you.  Positive mental attitude and enthusiasm create more success and help us stay in the winning mindset and keep us from self-doubt.  We are in PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) mode all the time… out naysayers. 

 4. Fail Forward

Embrace your failures as wins.  Yes, wins.  Every single situation you encounter or go through is building you for the next experience.  Your experiences over time are the exact skill set you are 

mastering to develop your expertise and knowledge that will continue to make you the best real estate agent ever.  When you experience a failure, look at the positives that came out of it and not just the mistakes.  I learn more from tennis matches I lost than from the ones that I won.  Trust me.

 5. Stay Humble and Remain Teachable 

No matter what level of success you achieve remaining humble and teachable are key.  We are in the fastest changing industry that requires us to learn new skills almost monthly and weekly.  Keep an open mind to change and being flexible to learn new things will help you stay on top and ahead of innovation and change.  Practicing humility and staying humble regardless of your financial success shows gratitude and is most admired by your colleagues and clients.  Knowing that you are serving others and really that your success is a byproduct of your hard work and dedication for helping others

6. Be Proactive and Solve Problems

Never, never, never give up. Even when it seems like there is a dead end in front of you forge a new path.  Our job is to solve problems and issues for everyone.  We diffuse problems and help create win/wins for buyer and seller clients.   Our attitude has to be one of proactive and not reactive.  Reactive is defensive and crisis-mode and creates more stress.  You are the ultimate deal maker and problem solver and you will find a way to bring and keep everyone together during challenges and highly intense negotiations.  Your pro-active winning mindset will keep everyone calm and create more solutions that will help all parties involved.

7. Stay Focused on your Winning Mindset and Plan

After you have a daily winning mindset and you have written down your monthly, quarterly and annual goals, create a daily and weekly winning mindset routine that will ensure you are putting the action in required to create the results you want to see.  This works and will produce amazing, record-setting results for you and your agents when it is implemented!

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