Three Keys to Extreme Growth in Team Sales

Maximize opportunities both within and outside of your current team roster

I have always said that there are two ways to grow top-line revenue in teams and in real estate companies: recruit new agents and grow those that you already have.

When combined with a third key success element—focus—team leaders can drive exponential growth in their agents’ businesses and for the team as a whole.

Implement these elements into your own team:

Purposeful Recruiting: To be most effective in adding new agents, you need to first know how you are trying to grow. Start by writing down where you are trying to expand your sales. Once you know where you need more sales, seek out new or existing agents for those areas that will complement your existing agents or add an entirely new coverage. They key to enticing these agents is the win-win aspect of joining your team; you have a need to grow sales in areas that they will do well in, and you provide your team’s value proposition to support their sales and career success.

Training and Motivation: It is equally, if not more, important to grow from within. As a group as well as on an individual basis, continually train and motivate your agents to effectively run their real estate sales activities. Hold weekly meetings at a minimum and, whether through business planning, prospecting assistance, or sales skills training, work with your agents to set their goals high and work a specific plan to achieve increased production.

Relentless Focus on Dollar-Producing Activities: This is where the sales growth really happens; for both new and existing team agents, both they and you need to be focused on sales activities. Your part in that is whatever administrative support is necessary to keep them working on productive activities. This was likely already part of your value proposition, but it is worth repeating as a main purpose of your support. Additionally, review their sales activities with them often to make sure that they are staying focused. Consistent prospecting will be the No. 1 driver of increased sales, and holding them accountable to that is a key to ensuring the best results.

It is a simple plan for success—recruit on purpose, train, and focus—but too many teams let their teams and their sales happen by accident rather than by design. Focus your attention as team leader on the three keys above to make your own success happen on purpose.

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