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How Any Realtor Can Make $50,000 at Their NEXT Open House

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Your Best House…

Is Your Open House.

When you’re showing, you’re the guru, you’re the master of the house, you’re the be-all-end-all for everyone who walks in that front door….


The open house can be daunting for any real estate agent, or it can be the best tool that you have in your arsenal.

You have an audience literally coming to you – wanting to make a deal. Many of them don’t have a realtor lined up to sell their own house. They’re just “checking things out.”

So how can you, the real estate agent, use your open house to drive more business than you know what to do with?

Because you CAN leverage the open house to be your best marketing tool.

When someone walks in that door are you THEIR expert…or are you just a body in the house that can passively answer a question (if they have one).

When someone walks in that door are you capturing their name?

When someone walks in their door are they AVOIDING the sign-in sheet or have you minimized it for them to the point that it’s an obvious no brainer?

When it’s all said and done are you walking out of the door of your open house and into the door of you future listing?

We know how important the open house can be so we’ve recorded our webinar and are offering it up to you for absolutely nothing.

It’s free, there’s no obligation, and it’s totally on demand. Feel free to watch it at your own leisure.

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