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Building a GoldMine Pipeline to Create Consistent Income

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Who are you talking to right now?

What’s in your pipeline?

Is it thin? Only a few in there? Are you waiting on two or three “guaranteed clients”?

Nothing is guaranteed. We’ve seen it before. Real estate agent is counting on the guaranteed listings, buyers, clients.

Then they all fall through and the realtor is left with nothing while their “guarantees” go to someone else.

Guarantees are only guaranteed one they’ve signed the paperwork.

So let’s go back – Who are you talking to right now? What’s in your pipeline?

Don’t like this question?

Let’s change the answer.

Make this the best (and easiest) question you’re asked all week.

We’re going to make this the question that shows that you know how to handle your stuff, and you’re a great real estate agent.

We’re not going to just “tell you” how to do it. You’re a realtor, you get it.

What works best? When you tell a client about a home or when you show it to them?

We show – we don’t tell.

With the “Goldmine Pipeline” we show you EXACTLY what to say, how to say it, and then give systems and strategies to make sure you back it up.

We will show you step by step how to set up your pipeline so that the leads are coming in to you consistently and constantly.

We will give you the scripts to read, and then show you exactly HOW you need to read them out loud.

Then, we’re going to show you step by step how to nurture and qualify them so that you know exactly how to take a lead from “guarantee” to signing the documents.

And it’s all free – all you need to do is register and we’ll email you the webinar. From there – you can watch it when you’re ready.

No pressure. No sales pitch. Just building a goldmine.

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